Hug Your Cat Day!

Hi everyone! Today is Hug Your Cat Day, I think that should be every day, but I think most cats would disagree. I am glad I joined this last year because I rarely get in photos so I am glad to have one of Lucy and I:hugLucy

We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop today with my mostly completed button art:

DSCF1488  Should I add buttons to fill in the entire picture or just keep a plain background? And, can anyone tell what the blue thing is? I made that on a blank note card.

I also wanted to tell you about the button artist I gave you a link to last week. She recently participated in the Sing for Hope project to help bring art to children in need. 25 artists are chosen to each decorate a donated piano and she did hers all in buttons. These pianos will be all around NYC in June, to see her design click here.

Caturday Art

Thank you to all who joined in the Friendly Fill-Ins yesterday. I am enjoying getting to learn more about everyone. Phoebe will be here tomorrow with a sign-up list for those traveling shades.