Thankful Thursday and Joanie Update

Happy Thursday everyone! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away-I really need to buy a turkey. I love Thanksgiving, no gifts, just food and family. I love giving gifts, but I like to have a holiday where I just worry about perfecting the food. Plus almsot all the vegetables we will be having were home grown- I feel like a pilgrim. We did forget to grown butternut squash this year so I will have to purchase that.

Today is Behavior day and I am sure many of you have this problem. Cats like to scratch rugs. We don’t have many rugs, only a couple braided ones and Lucy loves to sink her claws into that. Every year, for about 5 years in a row, I would have to cut the outer braids off the rug before the holidays. It was getting smaller and smaller then about 6 years ago, the dog had an accident right in the middle of it on Christmas Eve. What a way to clear a room- all thanks to the guests slipping her snacks all evening. Eventually that rug got cleaned and ended up on the enclosed porch. We bought another rug from someone on Craigslist and luckily, Lucy isn’t as interested in it so I haven’t had to alter it.

Hope you have a nice day and don’t forget starting Saturday is the last chance to try for those catnip turkey legs.

As always we are hopping with Pepismartdog:, Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop, pet centric I am thankful this week that Joanie’s dental went well ( no extractions) and her bump was removed. We won’t know for a while if it is cancerous or not, but even if it was, I am hopeful that they got it all. 009The photo is blurry, but this is where her stitches are. She is supposed to wear a cone, but she kept bumping into things and wouldn’t relax so I am just going to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn’t scratch it.