The Grass is Greener?

Happy Monday everyone! Mom is letting me do the post for fun and games today. She saw a cute grass container on Pinterest so she decided to make it for us. Here is the link:

Mom cut the bottom of a 2 liter soda bottle and painted it to look like a kitty. Then she put some little rocks in the bottom to help absorb water and added potting soil. She planted oat grass seeds:003005and watered them. In less than a week we had fresh grass.

001Do you notice something wrong with this photo?

003Take a good look. My grass is mostly white?? Mom tried to say it was gourmet grass like the white asparagus, but I don’t believe it. Dad said it didn’t get enough sun.Geez Mom, you clearly don’t have a green thumb, do you? At least you did an OK job painting the kitty.


The grass tasted the same, Lucy and I really enjoyed it. 005

Joanie will be showing off her tummy again tomorrow. And I am trying to get Mom to let me do a giveaway Thursday.