Help Wanted

Hi everyone! The title doesn’t mean that I am hiring, but I do need some help with a research project and I appreciate everyone’s input. I am sure you remember the post I wrote about my friend’s cat, Reggie who was wrongly euthanized. If you missed it, the link is here.

She asked me to use my blogging voice to do something so this won’t happen again. I contacted a state representative to work on a new law that would require mandatory microchip scans on all cats and dogs before euthanasia. My state representative, actually met with me and explained the process. He brought up several points that had not crossed my mind before our meeting like the cost of a scanner and if it needs maintenance, etc. If any laws are in place in other states, it will be easier to build on that research so here are my questions. I am also interested in other countries’ laws as well.

  1. Do you know of any law requiring a microchip scan at the vet office and/or shelters?
  2.  Do any of your states require microchips in pets?
  3. I know England recently passed a law requiring all dogs be microchipped- do all vet offices and rescues there have scanners?
  4. For those that work in shelters and vet offices: Are microchips always in the same place? And how quickly does the scanner pick up the chip?

I welcome any and all information you have on these questions and anything else you want to suggest. I also encourage you to work with your state representatives to get this law passed in your state as well. Thank you.

DSCF1455 (2)Joanie was going to show her tummy, but she is being shy.