Happy Monday everyone! Today we are back to the a-z blogging challenge and on the letter K.

I have 2 K’s today. First off, I want to thank Kitty Cat Chronicles ( ) for giving usĀ 2 awards. We already posted about them the other days when other bloggers gave them to us, but it sure is nice to be recognized. Thank you. If you missed the award post, this it it:

My other K is for Katzenworld ( ) . I am sure most of you already read their blog, but if you don’t, you should check it out. They write about their own sweet kitties and have several guest posters as well ( including me).

Speaking of fun and games, the reason I was so excited to do the a-z challenge is because I love to play the a-z game in the car. Ever since I was a child and now, even though I am 45, I make my Mom ( and rarely, my niece ) play. You pick a subject groceries, restaurants, stores, etc. and have to come up with one for each letter , but you have to repeat everything before too. It is a great way to keep your mind in shape.

Please visit tomorrow, we are having a guest write about using essential oils for cats.