Mancat Monday

Happy  Mancat Monday everyone! Today is fun and games day and here is some fun for you. I know Phoebe already showed you her flat Phoebe that she sent to her purrince for his birthday:


I have been wanting some flat cats since seeing the photos from BlogPaws. I asked around and there are places that make them for you like pancakepets , I am sure they are the sturdiest, but I can’t afford the $50 plus $15 shipping. Sammy’s Mom ( ) told me about Walgreens cardboard print outs. For a 9 by 11 cardboard photo it is $14.99, but they had a coupon for half off so I got one for Phoebe and one for Sammy.

Sammy is part of the Flat Scouts so he needed a flat Sammy to travel this summer. Here it is: 013He just needs his Dad to cut it out and contact paper him. I also had one of Phoebe made to so she can take a day off once in a while and not pose for photos. Next thing you know, Joanie is going to want one of her tummy and Lucy will want one for book review days.

One more fun thing, this Friday I am co-hosting Feeling Beachie’s Follow Friday Fill-In. I would love it if you would all participate. I love reading people’s answers to these. If you are interested just say so in the comments and I will email you the fill-ins for this week.

Joanie will be showing off that tummy again tomorrow and Stinky is going to show us her tongue.


Happy Monday Everyone! Today us fun and games day and I have a fun thing for those of you that buy Friskies canned food. I am sure that a lot of you buy higher quality and I wish I could, but with 15 cats, it isn’t affordable. I do think canned food is important for the moisture content as many cats don’t drink enough water.

We buy cans by the case, but when I am too lazy or in a hurry to get to the pet store, I just grab a box of cans at Walmart or the grocery store. The box of 24 has a cute little toy on the back that can be cut out. I had my hubby cut it out so it would be in one piece: 017Then you just fold it and tape it too so it won’t fall apart. There are 2 holes to add treats so I added a few and Joanie was like a pig rooting for truffles:019

Don’t forget to comment today or tomorrow for one last chance at those catnip turkey legs. I truly wish I could send one to every kitty that comments.

And a very special thank you to Nellie of She surprised us with a special Christmas graphic- I think I am going to get some cards made like this: nelliechristmasTHANK YOU!