I Could Pee on This

Today we are already up to the letter I in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. I am recommending a book that Lucy and I recommended this book way back in August 2014. I Could Pee on This by Francesco Marciuliano is a cute little book of poems by cats. Lucy used to like to think outside the box and on anything that the other kitties enjoyed like catnip mats, paper bags, etc. I miss my Lucy and all her little quirks.


Spooky is modeling with the book. Unfortunately, his PCV ( packed cell volume) was down to 19% from 23%  on the latest test. The vet recommended an injection called darbepoetin to stimulate his red blood cells to make more. She said many anemic cats do fine and I don’t have to do this. I asked what she would do if Spooky were her cat, I always ask that question and she said she would treat him with this. I also asked if anything could be causing this like the pepcid or his thyroid condition and she is certain it is the kidney disease.

This does not work in all cats and she has never treated a cat with it so I am nervous. There is another medicine, but many cats end up with reactions from antibody formations. I was also confused as to how some cats can be fine if they are anemic, when I do the Math, if those numbers drop that much weekly then I see his time as running short.The vet said that sometimes the numbers even out, but I want to do this now instead of him needing a transfusion down the line. The vet did say his quality of life would be improved with this and from what I read, anemic cats have appetite loss which would explain his pickiness.

Your continued prayers and purrs are greatly appreciated.

A Friday Hop and a Giveaway

Happy Friday everyone!! Today isn’t my day to write, but I want to apologize to my Grammie. I always make a point to say I love her very much in every post, but Mom rushed me yesterday and I didn’t get to write it. I love you so very much Grammie!!! Even if you didn’t give me any treats yesterday.


This week we are co-hosting Feeling Beachie’s Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun:

The statements are:

  2. When I think about MY CATS I SMILE
  3. If I could be a famous ACTRESS, I would be USING MY FAME TO HELP CATS
  4. I drive a HYUNDAI ELANTRA ( SILVER)and wish it was A MINI COOPER ( GREY)

The code is:

<code><script src=”http://www.linkytools.com/basic_linky_include.aspx?id= 258645 ” type=”text/javascript”></script></code>

And Lucy and I are having a giveaway, I reviewed this book a while ago: https://15andmeowing.com/2014/08/book-recommendations/

I recently picked up an extra copy at a book sale in great condition so we are giving it away. Just leave a comment today ( you can again Saturday too for an extra chance). Phoebe will announce the winner on Sunday. Lucy is my out of the box thinker, I hope she doesn’t get any new ideas from this book.


Tomorrow we will be hopping and also showing 8 photos that make me happy which is a fun challenge from our friends at Critters in the Cottage.

Book Recommendations

Hi everyone! Today is book recommendation day, but first a reminder. I am sure you are all planning to stop by at Sparkle’s memorial service/commentathon, but in case someone didn’t know about it, I thought I would post it.

I got the book, I Could Pee On This by Francesco Marciuliano for my birthday. Lucy seems to think it is hers which is fine as long as she doesn’t pee on it. She is recommending it today: 009

I am recommending the book I was going to recommend for Dr. Who week because it is by an author from the UK. Sir Patrick Moore was an astronomer who hosted a TV series, The Sky at Night, but he was also a cat lover. He wrote a book about many of the cats he had over his lifetime. The book came out in 2012, a few months before his passing. Here is a link for it: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/miaow-patrick-moore/1111644614?ean=9781845844356.

Starting Monday, we will be having a back to school themed week and another contest.

Now I am off to Sparkle’s Memorial.