Infographic Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is medical day so when Ron Rutherford offered an infographic on Flea and Tick Prevention from Havahart Wireless, I was more than happy to accept- especially after our flea fiasco last summer.

Flea and Tick prevention on dogs

Spooky is much better, thank you all for your prayers and purrs. He gave us another scare over the weekend when he didn’t want to eat. He perked up when I fed him chicken baby food with a syringe and is eating normal food now. He does need to have a dental and the broken tooth removed which I hope I can get schedule for this week.

A few of the other kitties were vomiting so I changed their dry food. I know dry food is not ideal, but some of them refuse canned. I was using Purina Pro Plan Savor ( chicken and rice) from a pet store, I contacted them and they will give me a refund, but they haven’t had any other problems. I wonder now if it was some kind of a kitty flu.Very confusing, but thankfully everyone has improved.

Thank you Havahart Wireless for the infographic.