Happy Gotcha Day Brody!!!!

Hi everyone! We are celebrating Brody’s Gotcha Day today, but apparently I have the day wrong. I was just looking for last year’s post about him and I now see it was February 23rd.

Here is the link to last year’s post.   This is one of his first photos, he was scared and got up as high as he could.

This is him now , all relaxed.

And now Brody has some things to say.

Hi, this is my first time getting to write. Thank you all for being my friends and making me feel so welcome. I want to thank beautiful Leia for being my girlfriend, I am so lucky.

  And thank you to my Pipo, Minko and Mr. Jack Freckles for this beautiful card.

Mom said I could have a giveaway to thank everyone for being so sweet to me. Being that Dr. Seuss Day is coming up on Thursday, I thought I would do a Dr. Seuss giveaway.

   There is a catnip mat, a blue water activated fish and a Cat in the hat styled hat. All you need to do is comment on today’s post and you will be entered in the giveaway. The winner will be announced on Thursday.

Phoebe said she isn’t going to call me a suck up anymore- isn’t that nice? And I want to say that I love Grammie very much too!

Mom says I can join Comedy Plus’ Awww….Mondays Blog Hop because I am awww..worthy.

Phoebe’s Gotcha Day!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is my Gotcha Day- I can’t believe I have lived here for 12 years and Mom says it is my birthday too- I am 13. You can read my full story here: http://www.thedailymews.com/articles/15-cats-and-meowing/1437-living-with-cats-part-5-phoebe

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My Purrince sent me a sweet poem and some toys and treats too. This is the poem:

Mee heart soars high

when me sees your face.

Your creemsicle furrs

your mintee green eyes

sendss mee into space…..

Meee Buttercup gurl

You stole meee beetin heart

You took mee breath away.

Their yurss fur thee takin’

They were yurs frum thee start.

My Purrince even sent me some moussies from his moussie army to keep me safe. And some balls and spring toys too. And some Greenies 🙂 He is a very sweet purrince. When he had his party he chose a song for me. I am not having a party, but I want to dedicate a song to him:

I want to thank you all for being my friend. The only way this day could be better would be if my Grammie visits me ( and brings me treats)- I love her so very much.

And the winner of the shark hat and catnip toys is : The Island Cats ( http://www.island-cats.com/ ) . Looks like you guys are going to be wearing the shark hat after all- MOL!

See you Thursday – I will tell you about the Monster.

Snowball’s Gotcha Day and Tooth Resorption

Today is Snowball’s Gotcha Day! One year ago my mom drove me to CT ( I am a baby about driving on highway) to meet the lady from Snowball’s shelter in NJ. The whole story was in Sunday’s post in case you missed it.


Today is medical day and when I got Snowball she had some issues. I noticed that she didn’t have many teeth which was odd for such a young cat. My hubby and I assumed she had been kicked and lost teeth because she runs when you walk directly toward her. When I took her to the vet, it was discovered that she suffers from tooth resorption which is actually fairly common. I am not a vet so here is a better desription:http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2012/01/17/teeth-resorption.aspx. I was shocked to see it is common being that none of my other cats ever had that problem. It is more common in Persians and I have only had one other one before.

She ended up having to have a couple more removed so she has about 2 left. The good part of this is that she will never need her teeth cleaned 🙂 She seems to have no trouble eating, I give her mostly canned food, but she does like a few croutons ( crunchy food) on top.

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