Selfie Sunday with Phoebe

Hi everyone! You know how my grass wasn’t growing fast enough? Well, my Mom felt bad for me so she went to Petco and bought me some tall wheat grass. Then Dad put it in a bigger planter for me:

DSCF1344 (2)My selfie

I got to see my Grammie on Saturday. I love her so very much. I am very worried about my purrince though. He has been naughty and his Mum doesn’t feel very well. There is talk of him going back to “the farm”. I am praying he won’t have to do that. My Mom said he could live with us if he needs a home, but his Mum would have to agree and we would need help getting him because she doesn’t have a passport. Please send good thoughts his way, he doesn’t mean to be naughty, but he is a young boy and has lots of energy to burn off.

And now I am going to get a little revenge on Mom for all those photo shoots and for the future ones with those hats she is planning to make. Mom has been is some indie movies, and in one she is particularly bad and now you can rent it through youtube:

Some interesting facts about this movie:

Many parts of it were filmed on our property and some in our house.

Our dog was in it ( Katie, she went to The Bridge in 2011)

The guy that plays Mom’s son in the film, is the very talented Jamie Swimm who designed our logo and the Friendly Fill-In badge. He is also a cat lover.

This movie filmed in 2009.

We are joining The Cat on my Head Selfie Sunday Blog Hop: