Guest Post

MaggieScoutHi everyone! We are lucky to have a guest post today from Cat Scout Maggie.

Howdy everyone!  Like most peeps and kitties we know, you are probably getting into the political swing!  Convention last week; another one this week.  There are so many impawtant things for our peeps to think about when choosing a favorite candidate, but I’d like to urge all of you to persuade your humans to check out the humane/animal awareness records of their state and local candidates.

Many federal laws that protect animals and advance animal rights start at the local and state level.  Tell your peeps to check out the voting and legislative records of their candidates.  Did they vote or advocate FOR or AGAINST us and our fellow furry friends?

Voting for animal-friendly candidates will help advance the cause of animal protection and animal rights in your area, and can spread to other areas.  Some states are even considering awarding “personhood” status to animals so that in instances of custody, control or prosecution, animals that have been victimized or abused will have the same rights as humans.  Let’s meow to our peeps to get informed and involved!!  Grumpyvote

Thank mew all!  Please stay cool and well hydrated, especially as the election season heats up!!