Penny’s Tips Volume 12

Here is a tip for Easter. You can use pennies to fill plastic eggs for an egg hunt instead of candy. This will only work for young kids though, older kids will think you are cheap. I recommend filling them with catnip too 🙂



And remember not to use that fake grass stuff because it is dangerous to us kitties.

Mom said to let you know that if she usually comments on your blog and you haven’t seen a comment from her, please check SPAM. WordPress is being difficult again when she tries to leave comments.




Phoebe’s Easter and Passover Giveaway

Happy Thursday everyone! I finally figured out why its called March Madness- Mom sure was mad when there was a stupid basketball game on instead of Big Bang Theory.

I got to spend time with my Grammie yesterday and Monday. I love her so very much.

We sure have been lucky with winning prizes lately. We won The Conscious Cat ( ) giveaway for a Paca Pet Puff from Sugarboy’s ( . 012 020Joanie checked it out, but I scared her away.

It is fantastic and soft, filled with alpaca fur. I have claimed it being that I do all the work around here. That is only right- isn’t it?

022They even included 2 felted jingle balls, but Mom said if I was claiming the bed then I have to share the balls-phooey! I gave up one, but I still have the gray one hiding on the bed- shh! don’t tell.

When I left my bed for a while, this is what I came back to:001Prancie was using it. And Mom and Dad wonder why I am always beating her up, err, I mean play wrestling with her.

I am having a giveaway for Passover and for Easter. I will announce the winners on Sunday so we can mail them out for you to get in time for the holidays. Just leave a comment and say which one you want to win. You can comment today, tomorrow and Saturday for more chances to win. Good luck!

004The Passover one includes this Spring colored catnip mat with 2 catnip fish and a matching yarmulke ( I know it is for boys, but I am modeling).

003The Easter one includes a catnip mat with Easter eggs printed on it and 2 color coordinated Easter eggs and a fish.Mom improved the eggs a little, they look a little more egg-ish than pear-ish.

See you Sunday! I will tell you what my sweet Purrince sent me:001