Bacon’s Shopping Around the World

Hi everyone! I finally remembered to join Bacon’s Shopping around the World.

Before I do my recipe, I want to thank everyone for their tips on helping Brody adjust and for your kind words of encouragement. I already gave him the shirt off my back- literally 🙂 I hope he decides to sleep on it. I also pushed his blankie into the cubby hole for him. I am going to try several other tips too like the Feliway, music and sitting in there so he will get used to me. There were many other tips I plan to try too. I will keep you all posted.

This month is a recipe for an appetizer. I make this cheese ball for every holiday. It actually makes 2 good-sized cheese balls, but I forgot to take a photo and this is all I had left so I turned it into a kitty for today’s post:



Ingredients: 8 ounces package of Philadelphia whipped cream cheese $2.69

8 ounce pkg. Philadelphia whipped cream cheese and chives $2.69

8 ounce Wispride spreadable cheese sharp cheddar ( you can use the port wine flavor, if you prefer) $3.99

1/2 package of Lipton Recipe Secrets Onion Soup Mix $1.79 for a box of 2

chopped pecans   $4.49 for 6 ounce package

Directions: Let cheeses sit on counter for about 15 minutes to soften, stir them all together also adding the 1/2 package of onion soup mix. Put bowl in the refrigerator for 10 minutes so the cheese will be a little firmer to work with. Then make into 2 balls, roll in chopped pecans and refrigerate until ready to use.

Tips: I wear plastic gloves and spray them with PAM so the cheeses don’t get stuck to my hands.

This is best made a day before you want to serve to give the onion soup  flavor time to set in.

I serve with the Pepperidge Farm Trios crackers, but it is good with any kind of cracker you like.

In the Fall, I add a pepper stem and roll it in crushed Doritos instead of pecans to make a pumpkin.