Black Cat Themed Giveaway

Happy Monday everyone! Monday is fun and games day and we also have a black cat themed giveaway. I love to decorate for Halloween and my 4 black cats are the best decorations- year round.

I bought a kit at Michael’s to make a black cat out of beads that melt. Flat Scout Charles helped me when he was staying with us.003It looked so simple, you follow the diagram and place the beads on the orange board. Then you cover it with the special paper that came in the kit and run your iron over it. The beads melt together and you have a cat- NOT! 003As you can see, many of the pieces didn’t melt and fell apart. Luckily, I know someone who is a pro at this and she has an Etsy store. Billy the Time Cat’s Mom makes all kinds of items from magnets to coasters and Billy recently modeled for some. You can check it out at the link:TCA shop . Billy’s Mom uses the money she earns with the store to pay for his insulin.

Now for the giveaway- Spooky is modeling with the loot.


A catnip mat ( black cat print on purple) , black cat socks, a mini book with a black cat, a cookie cutter , a black cat pin and your very own bead kit to make a black cat. I will also include some crocheted catnip toys. Just comment today through Wednesday – winner will be announced Thursday. Comment every day for more chances. Good luck!017

Double ROAR

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have a double ROAR today. First off is Bootsie and I am sure most of you have already done your part, but I thought I would spread the word some more. In addition to the You Caring Fund: there is also an auction- and the item I donated has no bids ūüôĀ¬† There are some other items without bids too so please check it out: Auction+for+BOOTSIE

Last I read, he was still in need of a foster home – living in a storm drain is never good, especially when you are already sick.

I also want to let you know about another fund to help a blind cat named Nala. I saw on the website that there is a gofund me for her called Nala’s eye surgery,¬†¬† I wanted to donate, but I can’t find that page so I will have to wait for more information- I will keep you posted.

Even if you can’t donate, prayers are always good and purrs too. Make sure you comment for a chance to win some catnip toys ( I still need to make them) and this catnip mat made special for The Perseid’s Meteor shower tonight. It looks like it is going to be clear so I guess I better have lots of coffee to be awake from 1-3 AM. 015Snowball is modeling with it016Phoebe will announce the winner tomorrow.


Weruva Paw Lickin Chicken Treats from Chewy

Happy Tuesday everyone! We are pleased to be doing a review today. We received the treats from Chewy for free, but we are giving our honest opinions and these were a definite hit. I have seen several reviews for freeze-dried treats, but I was too cheap to buy any so when Chewy offered these I chose them. The only ingredient is chicken in the Weruva Paw Lickin Chicken Treats. I love the Weruva company, they only use the best ingredients and they do a lot to help shelters. If you missed the review of the canned food we won , here it is:

14 out of 15 kitties liked these treats. The only one that had no interest was KaTwo, but she won’t eat any treats, canned food or people food. Here are some photos:

013They knew the box was for them014Lucy liked them, but I had to break them up a little for her007Joanie REALLY liked them

008Sammy did too009Prancie loved them004and so did Phoebe

They are on sale for $9.99 for a 1.91 oz. can and they are for dogs and cats. Don’t forget Chewy offers free shipping on $49 and more:

And the winner of the #selfie socks and catnip toys is: Stunning Keisha ( )- Congratulationss!!!

kittens 001

And we another giveaway for the Perseid meteor shower- comment today and tomorrow for a chance to win a catnip mat ( Snowball is displaying it):

015It has rockets, stars and planets on it and a velcro opening to add more nip as needed.


Sketchy Selfie Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone!!! I got my pen drawing from Thomas ( ) He also has another site displaying all his great work ( ) and commission a piece.


003 What do you think?

Mom and I love it and we hope you do too. Thank you Thomas!!!!

My Grammie came over and watched us while Mom and Dad went to a rehearsal dinner. Have you ever heard of needing to rehearse having dinner? Us kitties don’t need to rehearse. I love my Grammie so very much and not just because she gives us lots of treats.

Tonight we are having a different cat sitter, Mom’s friend. She watched us once before and I don’t recall her handing out treats -PHOOEY!!!! Mom bought us a bag of Ocean fish Party Mix and she best be giving us some or we may have to gang up on her.

Here’s my selfie: 001I borrowed Sammy’s

beret-without asking- I still feeling like being naughty.

016I am doing a giveaway- Mom will make a catnip mat with this pretty Spring fabric and there are 2 crocheted catnip chicken legs too. All you need to do is comment- I hope someone tells Ashton, he might want them for his chicken emporium. I will announce the winner on Thursday-comment every day for more chances to win.


Happy Chinese New Year Giveaway!

Happy Thursday and Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Mom likes the Chinese New Year so she can restart her resolutions that she already broke. It is cold in Massachusetts so Mom made me wear a hat: 008Phoooey! I prefer a scarf. This hat is vintage, Mom’s Great Aunt Vicky made this for her stuffed Smurf when she was a kid.

I got to see my Grammie twice this week- I love her so very much. I hope she visit again very soon.

I have great news!! My Purrince Siddhartha finally contacted me.. I wrote to make sure he was OK and he wrote right back and said his Mom wasn’t feeling well. That is a good excuse, I hope she feels better.

In other romance news, Sammy spent some time with Maggie at Mardi Gras. That is 2 dates in one week and we aren’t allowed to date.¬†I am a little jealous.

As promised, I am having a giveaway for The Chinese New Year! This is the prize: 007A red catnip mat and 2 catnip fortune cookies ( that look like pierogi) plus a good luck red envelope that I will fill with catnip for you and a fortune cookie keychain for your Mom or Dad. Just leave a comment between now and Saturday, I will announce the winner on Sunday. You can comment every day for more chances and as always, compliments get you extra entries.



Trick or Treat is a Trick for Some and a Treat for Others

Happy Saturday everyone! Today is product day and being that Halloween is on the way, I thought the Trick or Treat cat toy would be appropriate. I actually bought mine months ago and finally got hubby to hang it for me.

I was hoping it would be a great new toy to dispense treats like a wobbly egg and ball we have. I was wrong . I wish I would have read the reviews on the Foster and Smith website before I ordered it. Some of the kitties have played with it, but when they hit the ball, all the treats come out at once which is great for them, but not what I had in mind.

If you think your cat may like it, here is the link:

I am also having a giveaway for Breast Cancer awareness month. I never got to meet my hubby’s mother because she passed away from this disease when he was in college. A couple months back, I went to the Vera Bradley Outlets and got this great purse that has pink in it and the proceeds go to Breast Cancer research. I also made a catnip mat with pink kitties for the winner’s cat(s). 005Just leave a comment today or tomorrow and I will announce the winner Monday morning.

Marshwood Cottage won a mat from us and those cats loved it- check out her post from yesterday : Angus even picked it up in his mouth and took off with it.

blog7blog9Phoebe will be writing tomorrow’s post- unless one of the other kitties figures out her scheme to earn a dollar. One year Phoebe was Little Red Riding Hood and Joanie was the Wolf as Grannie. Have a nice day everyone!

Sew a Catnip Mat for Your Cat

It’s Monday again already. I made a big mistake yesterday and left the vacuum on the enclosed porch last night without emptying and flea spraying it. Then I let Millie and Penny out there this morning and when MIllie came back in, I could spot 3 on his white fur-arghhh! Luckily, he didn’t have a capstar pill yet so he will be getting one today.

Today is fun and games day. About 6 months ago I learned how to use my sewing machine so I could make cat toys, beds, etc. I made a mat by cutting two rectangles about 12 inches by 20 inches and placing them so the printed side is inside then I added a piece of quilting batting in between and sewed around 3 sides ( about an inch in). After that I turned it inside out ( so the printed side showed) and added catnip. Then I stitched¬†all around 3 and a half sides ( 1/4 or 1/2 inch in from the edge). I didn’t do all 4 because I left space for a velcro piece to refresh the catnip. It only took about 15 minutes: 009. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can always let your kitties play Twister instead: play5Good job Phoebe, left paw blue and butt on red ūüôā

Have a nice day everyone!