Catify to Satisfy Didn’t Satisfy

Hi everyone! I finally got a copy of Catify to Satisfy: Simple Solutions For Creating a Cat-Friendly HomeĀ  from the library and I am glad I didn’t buy a copy. I really like Jackson Galaxy and all he does for cats, but I am disappointed in this book.

There were a lot of great ideas, but not for people like me with no carpentry skills. I loved the section about the autistic man who has made his home very cat friendly. You can see a short video of that on youtube:

There was an entire chapter on litter boxes in hidden places like cabinets. There was a note that some cats may not like covered boxes, but in reality, I think most cats don’t like to use covered litter boxes. I just couldn’t understand why he would waste a chapter on this when it is more for home aesthetics than a cat’s pleasure.

My biggest complaint was the lack of a resource list. Where the heck am I supposed to get the shelves, poles and sisal? One page listed that a ship’s porthole was purchased on Ebay. I wanted a step by step guide from start to finish which is what I was led to believe this book was being that the title says “Simple Solutions”.

As I wrote earlier, I think Jackson Galaxy is wonderful and I feel bad bashing his book, but is isn’t what I was hoping for. Penny did find one easy project that she wants her Dad to make.

PennyprojectSomeone with a cat named Penny, made a cat tree out of a step-ladder and even spelled out her name in wooden letters. Kiss your ladder good-bye Daddy.

Please keep Marg in your prayers today: Prayers for Marg