Ten Things of Thankful

Hi everyone! We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and Ten Things of Thankful.

My art today is a page that I colored in the coloring book I won from Sweet Purrfections, Cooking with Cats by Jess Erskine.

I tried to color the kitty to look like Joanie, but she doesn’t think it looks like her. I like that these pictures are easier to color than most adult coloring books.

I also want to thank Basil and family for dedicating this week’s mandala to Phoebe and some other angels that left for the bridge at the same time she did.

Here are my thankfuls-

  1. The mandala above
  2. Got my hubby to go to a book sale with me on Tuesday.
  3. Going to same book sale today for half price day ( books will be 50cents-$1, even less for kid ones).
  4. Went out to dinner with hubby Monday night.
  5. My mom stayed with the cats so we could relax. Otherwise, I would have been stressed thinking if someone broke in , the cats could get out and get run over or eaten by the bobcat my hubby saw this week.
  6. I found the perfect gift for a friend at TJ Maxx.
  7. Every week when I see my great niece, her language skills have improved. She will be 2 in 2 weeks and can count, knows her colors and says so many things.
  8. Hubby and I got our flu shots, I am thankful insurance covers them.
  9. Fun lunch “party” with my mom and great-niece, it is a party every time we are together.
  10. Joanie sleeps on my side every night, she just started doing it after Phoebe passed away. I think she senses my sadness.


Selfie Sunday and a Quiz

Hi everyone! Mom actually went outside the other day and got some photos from the garden- mark that on the calendar. I thought it would be fun to have a little quiz to see if you can identify these strange things. I only picked the 2 toughest, just put your answers in the comment section until 9PM EST and anyone that has them correct will be entered in a drawing to win this:

DSCF1575 An adult coloring book ( Dogs and Cats) and a crocheted catnip ice cream cone.

Ready? Here are the photos:

DSCF1557 DSCF1563

DSCF1566 ( not in the quiz, but this is how they Dad plants a lot of stuff)

I will give you some hints- both are edible and they are not weeds. Good Luck!

Don’t tell my Mom, but I went to a party with Joanie this week over at Easy’s and I ended up at the Blogville Police Station with a mug shot.

Suck up Brody has taken to sitting on Mom’s lap. He even took a selfie with the laptop.

Brodyselfie (2)  He really has Mom wrapped around his paw.

My Grammie is going to watch us tomorrow for a few hours. I love my Grammie so very, very much.

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.


Selfie Sunday and a Giveaway

Hi everyone! I am doing a giveaway today , but first I told Sammy I would tell you about The Cardwood Derby. As you know, he is a Cat Scout and every year they make their own vehicles for a derby. It doesn’t have to be a car so Mom he made a Dr. Who TARDIS.

004Stinky had even helped.

010Sammy says on TV they say it is bigger on the inside, but this one is not. Dad even gave him a spin in it, here is the youtube video:

Here is the giveaway- something for your Mom and Dad and something for you. There is a mini coloring book and scrapbook.

015Extra smelly crocheted toys, I think there is some valerian in these. The pink one is a small pillow and this other one is a “happy pill”. Comment for a chance to win, you can comment daily through Wednesday for more chances.

Grammie is going to watch us 2 days this week, I am so excited! I love her so very much. She was here on Thursday so I did a dance on my pole for her and she gave me a dollar. I would have done it for free, but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings and not take the dollar.

007Joanie wants to do a tummy selfie.

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