It’s Monday ! What Are You Reading?

HI everyone! We are joining The Book Date’s It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? Blog Hop. Several weeks ago, I won A Cat Taught Me That by Charlotte Gerber from a giveaway on Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries and Meows.

It is a cute little book ( 43 pages) with lessons the author has learned from cats throughout her life. Her cat Louie has tips in the book too. They have a blog called Awesome Louie and I was very sad when I just went to check it out and saw the post that he went to The Rainbow Bridge on May 20th. Click here to visit. DSCF1449 (2)I had Prancie pose with the book because Louie was a ginger cat too.

I also just finished a great memoir called Dimestore: A Writer’s Life by Lee Smith. I am embarrassed to write that I had never heard of her before this book came out. I love memoirs though so I gave it a chance and I am glad that I did. Her memoir tells an honest account of growing up in a coal mining town in Appalachia. Her father owned the dime store and also suffered from severe depression. It is so much more than an account of her life though, I love how she explains the writing process and how even when writing fiction an author uses his or her life for ideas.


I am hoping the photo of Prancie is Awww… worthy for Comedy Plus’ Awww… Mondays Blog Hop.

I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day and takes time to remember those that lost their lives for our freedom.