ROAR for 2BlindCatsandCrew

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is ROAR Day and there are so many cats in need that it is hard to choose. While I was thinking of this post, I read the latest from 2 Blind Cats and Crew. The woman who writes the blog has 2 blind cats and several sighted ones as well. Right now 2 of her cats are under the weather and she needs a little help. As usual, I could only afford $10- someday it will be more. Here is their link if you want to help: .

Tomorrow is Black Cat Awareness Day and I will be having a little giveaway so please come back.

After 5 photo sessions, I finally got Sammy to pose with his Flash costume. I had made onewith red fabric, but every time I tried to put the mask part on-he bit me, more of a nip. He is usually such a sweetie, but for some reason that really irked him. When I was in Dollar Tree I saw this Ninja hood and figured I could make it work. I just added the flash symbol in foam. 002 003

And a special thank you to Nellie of Cat From Hell,

She was so sweet, she made us 2 and we love them both:15_o_lantern 15AND_o_lantern

PS: Poor J.Lo still needs a home more than funds: