25 Amazing Facts About Prancie

Hi everyone! I am joining my friend Stunning Keisha in doing 25 facts about me. I am also joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop and Sammy’s Poetry Day.

Me with my Christmas stocking before mom put it away

1. Where is your cell phone? What is a cell phone?
2. Your hair? orange and white
3. Your dad? my favorite
4. Your mom? dippy
5. Your favorite food? venison
6. Your dream last night? mouse hunting
7. Your favorite drink? water
8. Fear? Sammy
9. Favorite shoes? Dad’s slippers
10. Favorite way to relax? sleep
11. Your mood? sleepy
12. Your home away from home? none, this is my one and only home
13. Where were you last night? in my special bunk bed
14. Something that you aren’t? patient
15. Muffins? yes, please blueberry
16. Wish list item? a force field to keep Sammy away from me
17. Where you grew up? Don’t remember, my life officially began when my folks found me
18. Last thing you did? bathe
19. Favorite thing to do? eat
20. Your TV? too loud
21. Your pets? Joanie has a gremlin, but I have no pets
22. Friends? Joanie
23. Your life? happy
24. Missing someone? Phoebe
25. Something that you are? smart

I am thankful that it wasn’t me that had to to go to the vet this week. Also thankful Emmy’s thyroid is fine.

Here is my poem to go with this photo:


Sometimes we are afraid
we need some aid.
Afraid to jump right in
much to our chagrin.
All is takes is a helping hand
to jump right in then strike up the band.

And here are the Friendly Fill-Ins for tomorrow. Mom came up with the first two and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the second two.

1. I would like to ask_____________________ why _______________________?

2 My favorite fast food restaurant is_________________________.
3. If I could go to any concert of someone still performing, it would be                        .

4. My Winter pastime is usually                           , because                        .