1. TROUBLE, trouble, boil ‘n’ bubble, MeowO-Ween purrfection (and yes, the best)! And we send our belated Happy PurrthDay wishes to sweet Joanie.

  2. LOVE your permanent decoration And the skeleton is fun! Was he on the bench and not slated to play basketball this game?

  3. I know Halloween is your FAVORITE holiday and time of the year……….and you have more decorations than any one I know to prove it!

    Hugs, Pam

  4. Our server is wobbling a bit at the moment BUT Dash Kitten can be reached with some browsers like Chrome. (Just in case you can’t reach us). As you know last week was a struggle but we are back to commenting this week.

    Ooh my that skeleton!! How creepy is THAT!!!!

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