1. Yeah, how funny that we gained that hour back, but we are sleepy, too. Nice selfies, gang!

  2. My human slept badly for a few days in a row, which happens sometimes. She is hoping that the extra hour of sleep is just what she needs.

  3. All of you…we are sleepy here too. Mom woke up…I came into the bed…we snuggled and she glanced at the clock. It said 5 am so she know her body thought it was 6…after 15 min. she got up and fed me.
    Katie Isabella

    1. Yes, it was 19 two nights ago and in the 20’s last night-brrr… I love it cold though. XO

  4. Charlee: “As far as we could figure out, the humans gaining an hour just means we get breakfast later.”
    Chaplin: “On the other hand, Dada seemed to wake up at about the same time as usual, from our perspective. He didn’t seem very happy about it, but at least we got to eat!”

  5. Emmy an Sammy an Rosie an Joanie…what THE FLUFF time ISS it??? Bee got fed a dark o’clock…not even sure if it WAS Brekkie time or not??? Mee got 2 snax since…sumone iss confused…say this mite werk inn mee favurr rite???
    Youss’ all look so adoorabell inn yore Selfiess…..
    Man wee gotta get a mew cammyra! Mew mew mew……
    ***purrss*** an **nose bumpss** BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

  6. Cute sleepy selfies. Teddy made sure I didn’t get an extra hour of sleep this morning. Once he starts meowing I give up and feed him breakfast. Have a great day.

  7. Great post! I had an extra hour to annoy the peeps and keep them awake. Even Pop yelled at me. I wasn’t the least bit tired this morning either. They were.

  8. I wish I was this cute when I napped. I’m not, though, so I’ll sit here and look at how cute you napping kitties are. Purrs!

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