Sunday Selfies

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

Joanie had a play date Saturday with Typhoid Mary.

Sammy has to wear a cone until the Apoquil kicks in so I though this donut would be more comfortable.

And today is National Ice Cream Day so we will celebrate by having a giveaway . Winner will receive this catnip mat (it has kitty shaped ice cream cones on it) and a crocheted ice cream cone ( which I still need to make). Penny not included. Open to all- just leave a comment on this post by 8 PM ( EST) Monday.


  1. Sammy hope you feel better soon. You are cute with your fishy donut. Catnip map is adorable! Wish Penny was included 🙂

    1. I concur 100%. ~hugs~ Be well, my dears, and thank you for your giving heart. The lovely toys we received are very popular with the youngsters. lol

  2. What great selfies.
    We just love the icecream Catnip pad. Daisy Mae does like her catnip pads.
    We sure hope Sammy gets well real soon and gets that cone/doughnut off.
    Thanks for chance to win
    Here’s hoping we win
    Please enter us.

  3. Joanie’s play date looks fun. Sammy, we think that donut looks better than a cone, but we hope that Apoquil kicks in soon.

    Ice Cream Day. Woohoo! Penny, way to model that catnip mat (Mom sure is talented!) 🙂

  4. Poor Sammy. The donut is definitely better than the cone. I had one after I was spayed, and later my human donated it.

    1. I have many cones and now my niece uses them when she plays with the stuffed animals. 🙂

  5. I am glad Joanie and Typhoid Mary had a playdate. It looks like Joanie is doing the listening to hearts! I have heard that the donut is much better that the other hard cones. I hope the med kicks in soon!

  6. The donut does look more comfy than the cone. Looks like Joanie had fun. Cute photos.

  7. Happy National Ice Cream Day! Poor Sammy, having to wear a cone even though the donut seems it would be more comfortable.

  8. Sammy alltho you not like yore cone it sure lookss guud on you!! An well dun Joanie playin with Typhoid Mary!
    Grate Selfiess!!!
    Happy (M)ice Creem Day to all 🙂
    **purrss** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

    Pee S: Wee wuud not want to take Penny away from her home, mew mew mew……

  9. The vet gave one of my cats an inflatable donut to wear when he had a sore leg. Before we got home ( 2 miles) he had punctured and deflated it. So Sammy gets extra points from me.

  10. You Nip Mats are the finest and we love ours. Rumpy Bump wore a inflatable collar like Sammy and he said it was 1000% better than the normal cone since you can do anything except what you aren’t supposed too. Joanie looks like she had a good time while it looks like Penny wants to keep the material

    1. Thank you. You were the one that gave me the idea to get one- Sammy thanks you. XO

  11. My comment earlier must not have gone through, i wondered about it.

    Sammy, i hope you get better soon.

    Typhoid Mary has a good role model in her big sister for playing nicely with the cats, that’s a good thing.

    Hope you have a great week!

  12. Sassy and Pebbles love catnip mats except in this heat we’re having. Joanie looks so cute. They send their paw prayers and love to Sammy.

  13. Happy ice cream day one day late! When I saw your post yesterday it reminded me to go get the chrochet ice cream cone that we have. I could only find one of the two …. and it was immediatly played with and now I am not sure where it went. It will show up somewhere… maybe I will find both. We went to Cold Stone near us yesterday as my husband is a total ice cream lover… and thier machine had broken down and were only selling cakes and the other items in thier freezer section. We came home and had ice cream instead. 🍦🍨
    Blessings for all you do!!

    1. Glad your kitties like their ice cream cone. Sorry you couldn’t get ice cream from Cold Stone. XO

  14. Oh Sammy you don’t look too happy about that cone. That fabric is just the cutest!!

  15. Looks like T.M. had a fine time with her kitties pals.
    Sammy your cone becomes you however I hope before long it will be-coming off
    Hugs cecilia

  16. Poor Sammy!! Levi had to wear a cone for 2 weeks and it wasn’t fun! We only had him wear it in his crate though. Love that ice cream cone mat! Good luck to all!

  17. Sammy, Sammy, Sammy!
    You look adorbs in your collar.
    The story of Typhoid Mary is very interesting, btw…I know I read a book about it, but now cannot remember the title nor author.
    She wasn’t treated well by our government…imagine that!…but what did anyone know about anything back in those days?

    1. Sammy thanks you. I never read about her, but I joke because my great-niece is always sneezing and coughing.

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