Nosey Rosie’s Tips 49


Hi everyone! It has been a rough week.

   I have discovered there are worse things than The Great One and Typhoid Mary.  As you know, I have two new brudders. They are so annoying. They run around chasing each other- you’d think there was a herd of buffalos running through the house.

And they are quite good at hide and seek. When the kids are here, I hide, and they rarely seek me out. Well, these two work together and find me every time. And Rudy keeps knocking mom’s bats down-I caught him in action.

He likes to try to hit Rusty with them.

I am glad mom sequesters them in the bathroom at 9 PM so we can all have a break.

In better news, Emmy had her checkup and there was hardly any fluid around her heart this time ( knock on wood, 3 times- my mom makes me do that).  We still don’t have the results of her blood work to check her kidney values.

Mom and Dad celebrated their 30 year wedding anniversary. Mom showed me a photo, but I think she showed me the wrong one because that doesn’t look like them at all.  And mom said her niece was the flower girl, but the flower girl looks more like Typhoid Mary.

Halloween is next week. We are all going as famous people. Next Monday we will have a contest and whoever gets the most correct of who we are will win a $10 Amazon gift card. There are 14 of us, but the 4 freeloaders upstairs refuse to be touched let alone wear clothes. No fair that we have to work and they don’t.

My tip for you is to not let your folks adopt a pair of boy kitties- they are trouble, double trouble.


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  1. You have our sympathies with the new kitties. We’re still adapting to Sgt Stripes. Yay for Emmy! Mom really likes the wedding dress. She says we should congratulate your Mom for her. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

  2. When we still had Suki, a prima donna kitty if there ever was one, she was assailed by a boy kitty once, (Toki)…and then later when she was older, we had two boy cats come in at the same time…at about 7 weeks old…that was Pipo & Minko…she was totally miffed! LOL!

    I think Rudy wants to try and make those bats fly!

    Huge congrats on 30 years of marriage…Happy Anniversary!

    That is great news about Emmy, and now we will pawray that her kidney numbers will be good/stable as well. POTP for you, Emmy!

  3. Nosey Rosie, we hope those brudders settle down soon so you can catch a break! And we are purring here for Emmy’s kidney results to be good. Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad! That is such a lovely wedding picture! XO

  4. Oh look at him up there behind the bats, just waiting! Tell Mom Happy Anniversary, hope Emmy passes her blood work flying colors to, and hope you all have fun at Halloween.

  5. Well, wow! Your mama was one beautiful bride and that amazing train of the gown…wow. It looks like an antique train. Uh, kitties, that’s train as in trailing fabric, not a caboose, okay. Such a handsome couple, happy anniversary, and what good news of Emmy! We know how stressful it is when one of us is ill….as for the two boys, are they…er…”fixed”….maybe they are rowdy because…well…you know…but if they are…uh…repaired…then you will just have to shake paws and get along!

  6. Oh, Rosie, sweetie, it will work out in time, they’re just trying to find out how far they can go. We would say, just ignore them, the more attention you give, in real or in mind (they can read you, you know 😉 the more they do what they’re not allowed to do…boys will be boys, but they have all of you around to teach them to behave themselves…in time…they’re still copycats😸
    Happy Anniversary to your pawrents, they’re such a beautiful pair💗Here come some Peaceful Pawkisses for you all and one Healing Pawkiss for Emmy🙏🐾😽💞

  7. Happy Anniversary to your wonderful parents – that photo is so beautiful! I think it’s going to take some time for all of you to get used to having two youngsters flying around the house causing everyone to be “on guard” !! Still, it’s good fun to watch…. We have our fingers and toes crossed that Emmy’s blood work shows things to be stable. Pre-Halloween-Hugs to you all!!

    Love, Teddy

  8. I love that wedding photo! Happy Anniversary! Rudy is it?… he has taken your spot up high. Good news about Emmy having very little fluid around her heart. Fingers crossed for good blood work. We only had one boy kitty, his name was Sleepy. He was a good boy and he loved to snuggle, he was a gentle soul.

    1. Thank you. I have had more girls than boys. Sammy was my baby, he was my heart cat. XO

  9. No freeloaders!! LOL …. no boys over here!! That is a VERY good tip!! ha ha
    Happy Anniversary! I’m looking forward to seeing all your Halloween outfits!

  10. Rosie, meow to mom and dad and Happy Anniversary! I had a Siamese boy kitty years ago and he was very sweet, however, I prefer girl kitties.

  11. Happy anniversary! That was a beautiful dress! My boy kitties (I’ve had two) were different. Jake was trouble but Gus is very laid back. Most of my primadonnas were lady cats. Yay for Emmy. Hope for more positive results.

  12. Charlee: “Happy anniversary to your Mom & Dad! And yes, I can personally attest that boy kitties are nothing but trouble.”
    Chaplin: “Hey, why are you giving me side-eye?”

  13. I don’t have an brudders (or sisters) but I have heard human brudders are most annoying.
    Yay Emmy.
    Ellen happy 30th and I love your wedding dress. What beautiful dresses your attendants had too
    Hugs Cecilia

  14. Happy Anniversary and so glad Emmy is well ~ Beautiful wedding photo and cute kitty photo ~ Xo
    ‘Boys will be boys’ ~ ^_^

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  15. The best part of this post is Emmy. Great news. Hope the blood work comes out well too.

    Happy anniversary to your mom and dad. A wonderful milestone.

    Love all the fun with the kitties.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches all around and a hug to mom. ♥

  16. It’s great news about Emmy’s heart, and happy anniversary to your folks.

    Boys can be trouble, but they are fun, i remember from the foster litters the Little Women and the Lost Boys. The Little Women played nicely, stayed clean when they ate and had impeccable litter box manners. The Lost Boys played in the dirty litter, wore their food and tore the house up playing. They were still lovable, though.

    Have a great week!

  17. It sounds like a wild old time at your place but we’re glad to hear some good news for Emmy. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad!

  18. We are glad your Mama gives you kitties a break from the boys…and that Emmy had a good heart report – purrayers for her kidney values to be good too.

  19. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad. Lovely photo. So happy to hear Emmy had a good test result. Hoping her kidney test is good too. I’m sorry your brothers are annoying you.

  20. Mew mew mew Rosie wee agree little boy kittss are cray-cray! Cute butt cray cray!!!
    Happy 30th Annie-versary Aunty Ellen an Unkell David <3 <3
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

  21. Posie, enjoyed every word here and I will bet those boys are every bit as naughty as you have tyold us. And EMMY POTP works, precious girl.

  22. Your mommy looks like she is about to whisper something to someone off to the side..the look on her face makes my mom smile.

  23. We only have girl kitties in our home. But the boys can be fun, too! Good news about Emmy. Fingers crossed for more good stuff her way! And what a beautiful wedding photo. Happy anniversary to mom and dad. Wishing them many more happy and healthy years together! xo

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