Hi everyone! Yesterday on Feeling Beachie, I learned that PetFinder is celebrating 20 years of helping pets find their forever homes. Please watch their short video:

When they reach 1 million views, 20Β  Pet Finder shelters/rescues will receive $10,000 grants. They are also encouraging anyone who found their pet on Pet Finder to share their story with the hashtag #MetOnPetfinder.

I am proud to say that I met 4 of my furbabies on Pet Finder. I was looking for an orange/white boy back in 2010 and found Sammy at a nearby shelter, when I went to adopt him, he was with his sister, Joanie ( formerly known as Megan). Then in 2012, I was looking forΒ  tabby and found KaTwo through Pet Finder, she was all the way in New Jersey, but I had to have her. When I got to that shelter, I saw Snowball there. I kept checking Pet Finder to see if she was still there and 15 months later I was able to get her ( because sadly, Barney had gone to The Bridge).

And now Phoebe wants to announce the winner of her giveaway:

DSCF2403 (2)

And the winner is…………..Cat Chat with Caren and Cody! Congratulations and we hope you have better luck than we did making it work.

Grammie I love you so very much- please come visit me!

And today’s question for P.S.Annie’s 19-Somethin Challenge is What did you collect as a kid? I collected stuffed animals, I actually still have several of them because I have trouble getting rid of things with eyes ( I know, I am crazy).



  1. Interesting post. I am glad you were able to adopt and provide a great home so many times. Destiny.

    Congratulations to the winner. Enjoy.

    I hope Grammie visits soon. Hugs.

  2. That is so great that you helped 4 kitties to get good homes…at petfinder. When we were looking to find a playmate/brofur fur dog-guy we looked there too…but alas, when he got to meet a few of them in dog-son he quickly let us know he wanted to be the only dog-guy in his den,sigh…(there were behaviorists there to assist in matching up pups with potential furmilies…its good, but sheesh, we were wiling to try and work things out to give a good den for some pup who needed one…)

    I collected the soaps that came from hotels, I had several shoe-boxes full of them:) Only recently I got rid of them…except I kept a few memorable ones, LOL!
    I also collected plastic carrier bags from any stores not in our locale, such as when peeps went to Europe and brought back goodies in them. Nowadays plastic bags like that make some peeps shudder, LOL! I do not have those anymore, they were used to hold things when I moved to the USA…and you know they eventually fell apart…early recycling:)
    Now I collect military drummer figures. I have over 300 of them, in various sizes and materials. I started collecting those in my late twenties, My Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather was a drummer in the Dutch military when he was about 16. Found that out from my uncle’s genealogy studies about my maternal grandmother’s family.

    Concats to Caren…we hope she shows us lots of new selfies, MOL!!

    1. MJF is probably enough for Pipo and Minko to deal with πŸ™‚ That sounds like a great collection, the drummers, not the soap, although that sounds like fun too.

  3. Really? Can’t get rid of stuffed animals with eyes? That is kind of odd! But then – we are all eccentric in our own ways!!!

  4. We’ve heard more and more great stories of people who have found their pets on PetFinder. My sister has found three of her pups through PetFinder. Sammy was at the local shelter when we adopted him……I’m so happy that you found some of your “true loves” with PetFinder though!!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. I am glad you found your Sammy at the shelter and that I found some of my kitties on Petfinder and was able to get them out of the shelter.

  5. I think Petfinder is great too. I have never needed to go looking for a cat, they all come here looking for a home. Would you belive, I collected stuffed animals too. You all have a great day.

  6. Hooray for PetFinder! I didn’t realize that those four lovely kitties of yours were PetFinder cuties. Well, PetFinder certainly helped them find the purrfect home! I met Eddy because of PetFinder, although she was not the kitty I originally went after through it. I had inquired about a special needs kitty in need of a home on PetFinder. I was informed, though, that the kitty in question had actually recovered from its ailments and was no longer special needs, and that it actually already had a home lined up. Then that particular rescue group asked me if I was still interested in a special needs kitten, as they had another. That’s when I was introduced to Eddy (at that time named Daya), who had a head tilt and facial nerve paralysis and kept spinning in circles. I fell in love immediately.

    Phoebe, I hope your grammie visits you soon! I also collected stuffed animals as a child. And stamps, and rocks, and even Pokemon cards. Purrs to all of you, and have a wonderful Tuesday!

    1. Eddy was meant to be your kitty as were the rest of your furbabies. You make me feel so old that you collected Pokemon cards πŸ™‚

  7. Mommy looks at PetFinder all the time and oohs and awhs and wishes she could adopt them all. I was not on PetFinder but ama proud SPCA graduate.
    Grady Lewis

  8. Thanks for sharing with us how you got your fur babies. I like the name Snowball. All of your kitties are so pretty. πŸ™‚

    I don’t think that sounds crazy at all. I have a hard time getting rid of stuffed animals, too, no matter how poor their current condition might be.

    Thanks for participating in our 19-Somethin’ Challenge. Have a blessed day. πŸ™‚

  9. What a lovely way to get pets adopted to their forever homes. Love the video.

    Congratulations to Caren and Cody. That rocks.

    Have a purrfect day Phoebe. My best to your mom. ☺

  10. Concats to Caren and Cody furst of alls… and how goods you founded kitties through petfinder. The Mom wishes Petfinder would let her post us up toos, but we am nots a shelter, just a bunch of kitties being loved til we find a furevers.

    The Mom used ta has lots of stuffed animals…some of them gotted hurted by smoke in a fire… now hur has reall animals to looks after – thats a lot harder.
    Purrz from Pearl

  11. Hurrah fur Cody Katchat!!!!
    An Purrincess Phoebe you look gorgeeus!!!
    Mee heart iss goin ‘pittypatter’ reel quik!
    ***paw kissesss*** xxxx an ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~
    Pee S: Pleeze tell Grammie mee luvss her all so ok? Fankss sweet buttercup <3

    1. That is so kind of you to do. I am impressed you have your will done too, we are trying to work on that.

  12. Petfinder is great! We have them here in Canada too πŸ™‚ That’s amazing that Snowball was still there fifteen months later! We are so glad she was able to come home to you πŸ™‚

    the critters in the cottage xo

    P.S. Our Mama had a few “collections” going on as a kid ; dolls, porcelain cats, and shells.

    1. Poor Snowball had been there for a year before I ever saw her too. I hope your Mama still has her porcelain cat collection. XO

  13. heerz hopin PetFinder reaches ther goal sew they get ther grant, how total lee awesum will that be !!!!!!! we will book mark de videe oh N keep watchin for em ~~~ β™₯β™₯β™₯

  14. I’m so thankful for PetFinder. When our volunteer group that works with the county shelter uploads info on animals to its website, it also goes on PetFinder. Great way to get the word out!

  15. We met all of our cats by bottle feeding them. You are quite normal, just a bit sentimental! So am i.

    1. I am sure they are very bonded with you unlike some of mine, like Snowball who runs from me-unless food is involved.:) Thank you for saying I am normal.

  16. Bedtime stories…Thanks for celebrating Petfinder! I met Peaches on Petfinder. I felll in love with her on the internet! I saw her photo and said, “I must have that cat!” Then I made inquiries about her and obtained her address + ddriving directions. She was living in a big white house with lots of other cats but had captured the best, most sunny spot. She introduced me to her sister and…I could go on and on but I get a great purring serenade from Peaches when I murmur this story to her at bedrime starting with Petfinder and the internet. Thanks for the celebratory email!

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