It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading?


Hi everyone! We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww….Mondays and Book Date’s It’s Monday What are YOU Reading?

  Joanie is posing with the two books I am currently reading.

Live-Wire: Long Winded Short Stories by Kelly Ripa and Dying of Politeness: A Memoir by Geena Davis.

I am definitely enjoying Geena Davis’ book more. I was always a Kathie Lee fan and didn’t watch the show as often once Kelly joined. She seems a little full of herself while Geena Davis is more genuine. Plus, Geena is from my home state of Massachusetts. She grew up in Wareham and I live in Ware- oddly, they are about 2 hours apart.

Emmy could really use some purrs and prayers. She has a recheck today on kidney values. I am supposed to give her a phosphorous binder, but I stopped because it makes her more constipated and very tired. She is also a little sneezy the past few days. She is thin and I know she has muscle wasting from the kidney disease. I know she doesn’t have a lot of time left, but I am praying she makes it through Christmas and hopefully beyond.

Penny will be here tomorrow with a Christmas giveaway.




  1. You know Aunty wee like Miss Geena much better than Miss Kelly who seemss sorta snooty an as you meow, full of herself!
    Both bookss due sound innterestin tho’!
    Guess what?? Wee reeceeved Book #8 of “Rivers of London” seeriess an it iss called “False Value”….wee just over half way thru it an it iss furabuluss!!!
    Ternss out there are 9 bookss inn this seeriess not 10…..#9 iss not yet availabell…..butt soon as it is, wee know ERin THE Literary Cat an Missus H will send us a copy!
    Wee not lendin aNY of these bookss out. They stay with us so wee can reed them again!
    Happy reedin Aunty Ellen….
    Mee iss sendin tripell POTP an BellaSita Mum iss purrayin alot. Wee hope Emmy will make it thru’ Hollydayss two!
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an {{{hugss}}} BellaSita Mum

  2. Good work posing with the books, Joanie! They do sound interesting! Deep rumbling purrs from all of us for Emmy. XO

  3. I don’t watch either ladies, LOL!

    Glad you do like the one book though.

    We’ll pray that Emmy will hang in there. Hopefully to not make the holidays sad for you.
    Van she get some miralax for the constipation troubles?
    POTP for Sweet Emmy.

  4. Oh, Emmy, we are sending you all of our good thoughts and strong vibes for your health. And mama just finished ‘Housekeeping’ by Marilynne Robinson, author of ‘Gilead’, but the book was too long and repetitive. Now she is starting the last Louis Penny book about the small town in Montreal. She is told you have to be brave to read it….not sure that will work as lately mama wants only positive stories.

    1. Thank you. I think I would like the one about Montreal because it is non-fiction. XO

  5. Sending tons of POTP for dear Emmy…..I do hope she can feel better through the holidays with her family and I know her family wants her to do JUST THAT!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom too

  6. Hope Emmy’s tests come back okay and that she is feeling good today.
    For reading, I’d like both these as I do like these kinds of books. Kelly Ripa used to be on the soap opera All My Children, so I’ve known of her a long time, and like her a lot.
    I’m almost finished with the book by Barry Williams, “Growing Up Brady”, about his time on the Brady Bunch. 🙂

  7. You have all my prayers for Emmy♥ I hope she starts to feel better since you took her off the binder. Maybe good to feel better now than to take the binder? I am sad you don’t think she has a lot of time left but I think I knew that. Prayers for you too Ellen as you take her to the vet.

  8. Joanie is a beautiful poser.

    Prayers for Emmy. I pray for her every day.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Ellen. Scritches all around, healing hugs to Emmy and a big hug to you. ♥

  9. Awww we are sending much love and healing to Emmy. Think healthy thoughts of good days gone by. Hard to do but it might help. Mom is reading a book she bought at a Christmas Fair called Sentinel of the Light: Awakening by D.W. Rhoades. The author was at the fair and was a really nice man.

  10. Charlee: “Our Dada is reading something called ‘Walkaway’ which he says is sort of cyberpunk but kind of hard to explain. Anyway he likes it, which I guess is the important thing!”
    Chaplin: “We Hipsters send lots of purrs for Emmy!”
    Lulu: “And we dogs send lots of tail wags!”

  11. We are purring for Emmy. I’m sorry the phosphorus binder isn’t helping her. It helped perk Benny up the last few weeks of his life.

    1. Thank you. I am hoping we can try a different one as they have several on the market. XO

  12. We continue our purrayers and POTP for Emmy. When Oscar was failing with CKD(and that was his only disease to deal with) it was always a fight to get the binder in him. All he wanted was treats, and it kept him eating.

    1. Thank you. I am giving her whatever she wants to eat. She is so thin that it is more important that she eat. XO

  13. Sorry I’m late for the Emmy purrs and prayers, but we do send them to her each and every day, we are big Emmy fns here.

  14. I’m sorry to hear about your Emmy. Sending prayers

    And I’ve always liked Geena Davis – will check out her book. I just finished Dan Pink’s “The Power of Regret” which was both enlightening and an ax excellent read.

    Thanks for visiting Beaumonts blog!

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