It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading?

Hi everyone! We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww….Mondays and Book Date’s It’s Monday What are YOU Reading?

Trouble is watching over some of my recent reads.

Matt Fraser’s When Heaven Calls was an excellent book. I have a strong faith in God, but I still enjoy reading about people getting messages from loved ones. I do believe some have this gift to connect with spirit and help others deal with grief. I am a fan of the Long Island Medium, but I had not heard of Matt Fraser even though he is from Rhode Island, only one state away from me.  His book is an interesting mix of his childhood and messages he has shared with clients.

I thought I wanted to write about Christie Tate’s book titled Group: How One Therapist and a Circle of Strangers Saved My Life.  It actually wasn’t that good. I believe in going to a therapist, but not this unconventional way or bearing your soul to 4 other strangers. This woman was top in her law school class, but dumb enough to fork over $800 a week for group therapy.

I am also just starting Jerry Seinfeld’s Is This Anything? If you are a fan of his show, you will love this.

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  1. Oh I bet the Seinfeld book is good – have always liked him as a comedian AND as a very smart and well-spoken person. I too believe some people are able to tap into the wavelength of those who are gone – I bet that’s a good book too!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. I like that you tell it straight like it is on how you feel about a book!
    XO Katie

  3. I am reading you! You and my other favorite bloggers. You and the others make me happy and keep me calm. Yeah, no group therapy. But one on one therapy talk sessions with a psychologist you trust is a gift.

  4. Awww, Trouble is so cute. My favorite of all your kitties.

    I’m reading You Betrayed Me by Lisa Jackson. I’m halfway trough the book and I have no idea who the bad guy/gal is.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Big hug to the mom and scritches to all the kitties. ♥

  5. Interesting selection this week, I’ve always wondered about group therapy and how it works, or if it works – sounds like this one was a fail.

  6. The books sound really interesting. I’m just finishing up a John Grisham book. Sadly, not one of my favourites of his.

  7. Those sound like interesting books, Ellen! I really loved Seinfield’s show. Trouble’s gold eyes against dark fur – beautiful! XO

  8. Trouble seems to be doing a good job watching over those books. I haven’t read much lately. To many other things to do plus I have to wait to get reading glasses before I can actually read a book again. – I use to have a cat named, Trouble. He was a super cool kitty. Have a great week & Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Jerry Seinfeld show. I don’t watch much television. I’m glad you are enjoying his book. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  10. Those sound like very interesting reads, especially the one When Heaven Calls. Thanks for telling us about them. Mom is busy thinking about how much or how little to do for Christmas decorating:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. “When Heaven Calls” is a FAB book!! I am one of ‘those’ people who can channel Spirits to speak…in my Ojibway culture I am called a “Spirit Walker”.
    I do not practice this Art as much as I used to due to health issues; however I do make contact with many departed family members & friends & my 4 leggeds…
    As for what I’m reading….ell, you know me & my thing about British crime writers!
    Well I just finished Mandasue Heller’s gritty & raw crime drama titled “The Front”/ It is a sharp look in the underbelly of Manchester…I just started her book “Snatched” again set in Manchester…it is going to be a VERY deep mystery with a kidnapping & an arson fire & who-knows-what….
    I seriously have an addiction to British crime novels!!!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen
    P.S.: Her books are liberally laced with swearing so NOT for the faint of heart 😉

    1. You are so lucky to be able to contact spirit. I wish I could, but I am so easily distracted that I don’t know how I would even notice someone trying to come through.
      I am glad you have your books to help you escape your aches and paisn for a while at least. XO

  12. Charlee: “I think Dada is still reading that ‘Infinite Jest’ book.”
    Chaplin: “Still?! Didn’t he start that in like October?”
    Charlee: “Yep.”
    Chaplin: “He’s got more patience than I do.”
    Charlee: “EVERYONE has more patience than you do.”

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