Friendly Fill-Ins Week 355


Hi everyone! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! We don’t do corned beef and cabbage, but we have a tradition of having Lucky Charms for breakfast to celebrate. You’ll have to wait until Tuesday to find out if Rosie caught a leprechaun.

I showed The Great One the leprechaun trap and she asked me to get a photo if we catch one because they are hard to catch. I thought that was so cute. I am glad she still believes at age 7, but I know it won’t be long until she stops believing in Santa, leprechauns and fairies.

Time for the fill-ins. I came up with the first two sentences and my co-host, Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs came up with the second two. If you didn’t do a post for them, you can also answer in the comment section. Thank you to all who participate. Don’t forget to add your link to the hop so everyone can visit you. The link is open until Wednesday night.

1. If one doesn’t ________________ then one doesn’t deserve _____________________.
2. What happens at _________________ stays at ______________.
3. One day I will _________, but for now _________.
4. If you ask me _________, I _________.
My answers:
1. If one doesn’t vote then one doesn’t deserve to live in America.
2. What happens at Auntie’s stays at Auntie’s. Especially sweets and junk food consumed. 🙂
3. One day I will write another book, but for now I have a brain freeze.

4. If you ask me anything about cats, I will not stop talking. 🙂

We are joining Feline Friday now hosted by Messymimi. 
My flashback is from March 2015, Angel Phoebe was having a St. Patrick’s Day giveaway.

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  1. I agree with The Great One, I’d like to see photos of all leprechauns caught. Right before they’re released of course. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! XO

  2. Yes, on number one. Voting is so important. And we’d love to get you started about kitties. What FUN that would be. PS We had cabbage last night with apples and bacon stirred in. And we love it that our name and website gets filled in automatically. Cool.

  3. Sweet picture of Angel Phoebe.
    I have always voted. If we have been on holiday I register for a postal vote.

  4. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you from me and Mom……Mom and Dad are going to the neighbors for corned beef and cabbage and stuff and I’ll be home hunting leprechauns! Good job on filling in your blanks – Mom and I BOTH filled in our blanks today!

    Hugs, Teddy O’Kimmell

  5. Hi Precious Phoebe.

    Love the Leprechaun trap every time I see it. Can’t wait to see if you caught one.

  6. Yes to #2! Ellen, when you are over your brain freeze I will be looking for your book. No hurry, you have to be feeling it. Angel Phoebe♥
    My Fill-Ins~
    1. If one doesn’t respect cats then one doesn’t deserve cats.
    2. What happens at _________________ stays at ______________.
    3. One day I will probably give up driving, but for now I’ll just turn the radio up and go.
    4. If you ask me for directions, I will probably get you lost.
    Sorry Ellen, I just couldn’t think of anything for #2… totally could not.

    1. Thank you for these great answers. I would like to give up driving, it makes me nervous. XO

  7. Angel Phoebe is delightful, i’m glad you shared her with us again.

    Talking about cats is what we do a lot, isn’t it.

    I am praying you get an inspiration on another children’s book soon.

    Thanks for hosting the fill-ins and for joining Feline Friday!

  8. Here are my fill ins- traveling out of country and not able to answer and comment on everyone’s posts. But here are my fill-ins- hope they work!
    1. If one doesn’t work then one doesn’t deserve much retirement money.
    2. What happens at home stays at home.
    3. One day I will stop traveling, but for now I want to explore!
    4. If you ask me about the state of our country, I would have to say I am embarrassed as to the behavior of our so called leaders.

  9. Wait, what? Santa, leprechauns, and fairies aren’t real? Surely you jest. 😀 My husband believes in none and I’m not sure our decades together will survive much longer. lol Blessings, my dear, and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

    1. Thank you. Happy St Patrick’s Day! I hope you or your mum will answer the fill-ins. XO

  10. We also believe in leprechauns, as Granny has one sitting in the cupboard watching us the whole time☘ Hope you all had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day💚Double Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend to all of you🐾😽💞

    1. Thank you. Yes, she believes in it all- Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa, fairies. XO

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