Friendly Fill-Ins Week 270

Hi everyone! Time for the fill-ins. I came up with the first two sentences and my co-host, Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs came up with the second two. If you didn’t do a post for them, you can also answer in the comment section. Thank you to all who participate. Don’t forget to add your link to the hop so everyone can visit you. The link is open until Wednesday night.

1. Only someone with a ____________ would understand _________________.
2. I just started ___________________________.
3. I find it hard to believe that _________.
4. I should probably _________.

My answers:

  1. Only someone with a cat would understand why I don’t leave shoes on the floor. ( They could get peed on or yacked on).
  2. I just started reading a memoir by Richard Branson. I figured he has led an interesting life worth reading about.
  3. I find it hard to believe that The Great One will be 6 in a few months, it seems like she was just born.
  4.  I should probably buy a booster seat for The Great One. She still  uses the car seat in my car, but reminds me that she has a booster seat now in her mom’s car.
We are also joining Create With Joy’s Friendship Friday and Feline Friday currently hosted by Comedy Plus.

My flashback is from July 2014. Angels Lucy and Phoebe were playing Scrabble. Lucy was losing so she sat on the board.

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  1. 1. Only someone with pets would understand that they are like your children and a major part of your family.
    2. I just started to work two days a week, instead of the three I was working previously. Its great!.
    3. I find it hard to believe that I have been working just over ten years at the nursing home now. Time just flies…and the older I get the faster it flashes past me.
    4. I should probably exercise more, now that my working hours are less….though many of the things/chores I do are sort of like exercise, LOL!

    That’s a funny memory…it reminds of when our boys would have a tiff over some board game and suddenly one or the other would dump it on the floor…or throw the deck of cards askew everywhere, LOL!

    1. Thank you for these great answers. I agree with #1. And I am glad you are working less, you deserve more time for things you want to do. XO

  2. That was a good move, Angel Lucy.
    I am lucky that I have never had a cat that pees or yaks in shoes. I did have a cat though that slept in my bedroom before I was married. It was a very old cottage with a fireplace in each bedroom, and every night without fail he would poop in the fireplace. Of course now I would know to supply a litter box! This would have been early 60s and they were unheard of then.

  3. Cats do yack on stuff, you certainly do have to be careful, anything on the floor is a target.

    A booster seat is probably a good idea, you could pass the car seat down to Typhoid Mary.

    Thanks for hosting.

    1. I ordered a booster seat right after I published my post last night. 🙂 XO

    1. Funny for cats, but I think if a human tried it , it would not be as funny. XO

  4. Time does fly! I have had cats and I understand the shoes on the floor thing. My Fill-Ins…
    1. Only someone with a blog would understand how hard it is to end it.
    2. I just started being addicted to pistachios.
    3. I find it hard to believe that we have not done what we need to do to beat down the covid plague.
    4. I should probably get moving and get done what I have to do today.
    Thanks, Ellen!

    1. Thank you for these great answers. I can’t imagine closing my blog, but I am sure someday I will. I know what you mean about #3, very scary. XO

    1. Thank you. 🙂 Glad I am not the only one. Hope you have a great weekend too> XO

  5. Chaplin: “Ooh, we don’t yack or pee on shoes, but sometimes Charlee shoves her face in them and rolls around on them because she has this weird shoe fetish.”
    Charlee: “Chaplin!!! I thought we agreed not to tell anyone about that.”

  6. Wha ha ha!! Love that scrabble photo. We usually have to remove Elza from the room completely when we play board games. She always wants to play with…!!!

    I’ve never had the shoe problem with any of my cats. Thank heavens!

    Hope you will have a wonderful weekend.

    Elza Reads

    1. We have the same problem with cribbage, the cats love to play- and Trouble tried to eat the pegs. Have a great weekend. XO

  7. Whoa! Scrabble is a game the peeps haven’t played in decades. Don’t think they’d remember how. My peeps leave shoes all over the floor. Autumn used to drop her shmousey toys in Pop’s shoes.

  8. Great fill ins and Dad says he had a lot of claw sharpening on his good shoes over the years. Goodness time flies doesnt it. Nice photo of Angels Phoebe and Lucy, they are so sweet.
    We are LOVING the Octopuss and Mat. Every day we take turns playing with it! Have a good week and purrs for the newbies

  9. My first thought for the #1 fill in was about horses. Only someone with a horse understands horse language. I’ve never been comfortable around horses because I cant’ read their body language.
    I like Lucy’s Scrabble tactic.

  10. Yupper. Once they reach a certain height and weight, it’s booster seat time. I forgot that she is the same age as my James! XXOO

  11. Terrific Fill-ns! Especially the Grand! Thanks so much for coming to my birthday pawty at Ann and June’s Blog! We are so furry blessed to have such wonderful blogging furrends! We are expecting to be back to our regularly scheduled blogging unless the wind changes and the internet burns up again!

  12. I thought I already commented. ~scratches head~ Maybe not.

    Anyway, I like that strategy, as well. It used to annoy me when my father did better at Scrabble because his spelling was atrocious. But I went for those cool words while he paid attention to the tile scores. Heh… There’s a reason he was a business owner and I like writing. 🙂 Be well!

  13. I had to laugh at your #1, because it’s so relatable. I occasionally leave my slippers on the floor on accident. The other day I did just that, and they got puked in. I also dropped my baseball cap on the floor yesterday, and by the time I backtracked to pick it up, it was getting peed on. We sure do live a glamorous life, don’t we? And I just love that The Great One reminds you that she has a booster seat in her mom’s car. It’s like she’s hoping you’ll take a hint or something. She sounds too cute and funny. Purrs!

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