Festivus Details and Lots More

Hi everyone! I have a lot to tell you about today. I saw Grammie on Wednesday and I can’t wait to see her again, I love her so very much.

100_4943 It is a little chilly. Do I look OK in this hat?

Now for the Festivus details. The party will be on Friday, December 23rd. I will ask that you air your grievances in the comments. Cats can complain about everything, humans can complain about anything except cats ( it’s my party so my rules).

For the “feats of strength”, if you have a photo of you with a pole or wrestling please send it to me with permission to share it on the 23rd. My email is pilch92@aol.com. I will have a giveaway that day for all who comment. I hope you will all join the party.

Now it is time for Sammy’s Poetry Day and it breaks my heart he isn’t here for Z. This is for you, my friend.

My friend Sammy had a zest for life,
though he never took a wife
he had a special gal
and he was everyone’s pal.
May we all learn from him
let’s jump into life and swim.


I am having a giveaway for one of Mom’s crocheted pickle plus a glass pickle and some blank letters to Santa for you to fill in. Just comment on this post to be entered. I will announce the giveaway Sunday.


We are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

Mom is thankful that she won a year of Amazon Prime from Mousebreath. She loves getting free shipping.

And here are the fill-ins for tomorrow. Mom came up with the first 2 and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the second 2.

1. I love the following Christmas film(s)______________________________.

2. I don’t care for the following Christmas film(s) ______________________.

3. At the holidays, I cannot resist __________.

4. A favourite holiday memory of mine is ___________.



  1. What a great hat! Yous looks marvelous darling!
    And mes must say, mes LOVES the poem. Mes should se if mes can come up with some Zed stuff.
    And mes will tries to gets something together for Festivus…
    Mommy is all stressed about the move…and with Kozmo and Jo Jo and Cinnamon around…shes worried that one of them will escape!!! Plus, in Vancouver, where it NEVER snows…(they had their first snow in 1000 days on Tuesday) is expecting a big major weather event on Friday! (the day we move).
    Lots of kisses

    1. We watched your dump of snow on the news darling. That was a lot for Vancouver. Peeps don’t know how to drive there so stay away from vehicles Nellie’s mom.

      Kitty Kisses,

      Shoko and Kali

    2. Thank you. We are praying that your move goes well and that the weather ends up being good. XO

  2. What a touching and sweet poem for Sammy! He did have lots of that Zest!
    We think you do too, Phoebe!

    Petcretary thought you were a little lamb in that hat, MOL!! Do lambs purr or miaow??

    Now we have to think up grievances…
    as far as pictures of us pole dancing…not a one,MOL! Wrestling?? Not sure..almost had one today but petcretary battery conked out in her camera…how inop-purr-tuna!

    @Nellie…I hope you don’t get too much snow…we are going to have maybe 4-6 inches over the next couple of days…but at least we are not moving.

  3. Festivus sounds like so much fun! Too bad Sparkle isn’t around to enjoy it – she was especially good at airing grievances, I hear.

  4. You look adorables in that hat Phoebe……and I love your ZEST poem for ME ME ME. I’m excited about Festivus……no doubt I will come up with some good grouchy grievances although over the Bridge we tend to let bygones be bygones! I’ll be filling in tomorrow……….!

    Hugs, Angel Sammy

  5. We love all cat hats but not sure is the wearer is appreciative! Please inform this feline it is a privilege to wear such hats.

    We loved the Sammy poem which was so sweet but wwish to correct the line “he had a girlfriend.” We always thought WE wuz his girlfriends. who was this other gal? We miss Sammy very much.

  6. Love the hat! It is a true Minnesota hat. My sisters and I have similar ones to wear in the cold of winter around here.

  7. What a fun and fantastic post this is! First of all, Phoebe, that hat looks purrfect on you! And we are so glad that you got to see your beloved grammie. The kitties around here, as well as pup Astrid, sure do love their granny, too. We cannot wait for Festivus. The kitties already have plenty of grievances ready and waiting! Also, what a beautiful poem for Sammy, and we know he loves it from where he’s having a grand time at the Rainbow Bridge. And, we love the festive fill-ins and can’t wait to complete them for tomorrow! Purrs to all of you!

  8. Phoebe, I think you look darling in that hat! That was a touching poem for Angel Sammy. Sammy certainly did have a zest for life! I think your Festivus Party sounds like a great idea… we are without a pet right now but I will enjoy the comments. I doing Fill-ins in your comments tomorrow, I am going to take turns between you and Annie on Fridays!

  9. You are so cute. I know you love your Grammie very much.

    I also agree that there can’t be anything about kitties that humans could or should complain about.

    I love Amazon Prime.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your wonderful mom. ☺

  10. 1. A favorite holiday movie of mine is the Garfield Christmas special (not exactly a movie).
    2. I don’t really care for Home Alone 2.
    3. At the holidays, I can’t resist buying some angel food candy (aka, sponge candy).
    4. A favorite holiday memory is our Tucker sleeping under the Christmas tree.

    1. Thank you for your answers. Garfield is close enough to a movie, I meant any holiday movie/special. I love Home Alone 2 because it is in NYC, I only like the first 2 though. I have never heard of that kind of candy. Tucker was a sweetie.

  11. Love love love the hat….
    OMCs mom says two great minds, hers and your mom’s, with Zest
    Hugs madi your bfff

  12. Party pooper here………lol….airing grievances BEFORE receiving gifts to open? Hmmm…should probably be after (wink)……..if we can get our act together we will participate…….otherwise we will just enjoy everyone else’s posts 🙂

  13. Phoebe, you look adorable in your hat! It’s nice to see you after being away. The lady probably won’t have it together to join Fill Ins tomorrow unfortunately but hopes to be back in the swing of things next Friday.

  14. phoebe ya lookz gorgeouz in yur hat !!!!! N we noe sammy’z lovin yur ZEE poem ~~~~~~~ N conga ratz two yur mom on winnin de amazon prime….thatz one sa ~wheat deel !! ♥♥♥

  15. What a cool hat. Kali wants one….she’s going to ask mom for one for Christmas. She’s tired of the toque and want’s a more sophisticated look.

    Your poem was so touching. Sammy was such a fine cat with the manners of a gentleman. Perhaps I can bring my On Strike Picket to Festivus. MOL


    1. I hope you get a nice hat for Christmas. Yes, bring anything you want to Festivus. 🙂

  16. Oh I do love hats and you look wonderful! Dang, I don’t have any pole dancing pics. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  17. You look adoorabull in yur hat mee sweet Phoebe gurl…toe-tallee…
    An croyshayed pickelss are GRATE!!!!
    An Grammie iss wunderfull an so are you an that poe-em iss grate all so….
    Mee sends you all mee LUV an ***paw kissesss***
    Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you my sweet boy. I am glad you think I look adorable in my hat. 🙂 XO and paw kisses

  18. We love your hat, Phoebe, it looks really great on you. Grandpaw has one like that too btw 😀 What a lovely poem for Angel Sammy. I’m sure he smiles at you from heaven <3 Pawkisses for a Happy Furriday 🙂 <3

  19. You look so innocent in that hat, and i am also sorry Sammy wasn’t here to read this poem, i think he would have liked it a lot.

    Congratulations to your mom on winning a year of Amazon Prime! Give-aways are so much fun, i’m glad you have them, too!

    For a feat of strength, i may have to try to get a picture of one of the cats trying to knock something down — that shouldn’t be too hard!

  20. Oh Phoebe, you look just like a little lamb! So cute.
    Congratulations on winning the Prime Membership. There are some good programs you can watch too.
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

    1. Phoebe thanks you. I have been using the free shipping so far, but I need to check out the streaming and kindle stuff too.

  21. Yay for Festivus! I’ll have to work hard to get snaps of Fergus working with his pole. He’s a speedy little dude, so most of the photos I have of him at work are blurry! Maybe I should hand out the nip first. Hmmmm…

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  22. You are adorable in that hat. 🙂

    I’m sorry that Sammy didn’t get to be here for Z. That is just so sad. 🙁

    I’m glad that you got to see Grammie. That is great.

    Have a blessed weekend!

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