Caturday Saturday

Hi everyone. Before I show my art, I want to update you on Joanie and Emmy.  Joanie had her recheck and her urine is clear, but she will get another 20 days of antibiotics. Her blood work showed that her creatinine is elevated still so she is going to keep getting fluids a few times a week and I am trying to get her to eat a renal diet, but so far, she doesn’t like the choices.

Emmy had a lot of blood work on Monday, bur I haven’t gotten to discuss the results with her internist yet. I hope she will call me Monday. Emmy is supposed to have a renal diet too. Luckily, I have found some of the canned ones that she will eat. I will let you know more as soon as I do. Thank you for caring.

We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop


And here is the puzzle:

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  1. Kitties seem to like what they like and when they need a special diet its so hard to convince them to eat ti, isn’t it. You just cannot reason with a kitty.

    I hope they will eat it. Maybe Joanie will see that Emmy likes her renal food, then may she’ll try that too. We can hope.

    Hope that Emmy’s labs come back favorable, too and that you hear from her vet soon.

    Thanks for the puzzle!

    1. That is the truth! Why NOT! Rain buried her sample in her litterbox. TRUE. She took it from the counter and that was where it was when I came home from work.

  2. Oh, good fill-ins, and we hope the kitties are okay after all the tests and meds. We feel they will be….just a feeling. You are such a GOOD mama.

  3. Oh we sure do hope that the girls will be OK. We just know you’ll find something they will eat – have you tried Royal Canin Renal Diet? Teddy loves their Weight Control food. The only thing he will eat in fact. Sending hugs to you AND the girls.

    Love, Pam

  4. It’s frustrating that they don’t have more choice for the renal diet. I went through the same thing with my cat. Eventually he did eat, but it took awhile. Hope Emmy has good results and the antibiotics help Joanie.

  5. Thanks for the up date. OMCs I hear you on trying to teach a cat to eat new things. Madi would not have anything to do with the KD canned food. She was ok with the kibble. However, being that canned was what she liked for breakfast and supper it was an issue. She grazed on kibble all day so I guess I won 1/4 of the battle.
    Hugs and good luck

  6. That stained glass effect is really nice. We are purring and praying for good news about Joanie and Emmy. And for some renal noms they will want to eat. XO

  7. Charlee: “That sounds like promising news about Joanie. We hope you can find a renal diet she likes.”
    Chaplin: “And we hope you get good information from the internist for Emmy soon, too.”
    Charlee: “We will keep sending lots of purrs your way.”
    Lulu: “And I’ll keep sending fluffy tail wags!”

  8. Sending good thoughts for Joanie and Emmy. The art effect is very pretty, and thanks for the puzzle.

  9. We send purrayers and POTP to Joanie & Emmy. We dinally found a Royal Canin renal diet that Oscar would deign to eat – it had some gravy.

  10. Healing Pawkisses for Joanie and Emmy. We sure hope for a good outcome🙏Your art is very nice and the puzzle wasn’t easy at all..MOL…Double Pawkiss🐾😽💞

  11. Sending dubbell POTP to Joanie an Emmy!!! Pleese feel bettur soon!
    Aunty Ellen can you make sum Renal food on a wee saucer or bowl an then add a bit of what Joanie REELLY likess on top?? When shee startss nommin her food shee likess shee mite just keep eatin 😉
    It worked fore Grate aunty Mingflower when shee had Renal Disease…..
    **nose rubss** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

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