Cats in boxes day and cats on keyboards

Happy Thursday- I have been told that it is cats in boxes day so here is a photo:

018This is Millie, he is always getting into my box of stuff.

Today is Behavioral issues day and I am never in short supply of those. Every one of our 15 cats has some naughty thing they do. Millie loves to walk over the keyboard of the computer as well as sit on it. If I walk away for a second, he types in a bunch of random letter. If I leave it open halfway to keep him away, he shuts it. I decided to give him his own keyboard:004As you can see, he is a long cat and managed to get on both. By the way, he is on the kitchen table in both and I know a lot of people frown on that, but we never eat there. When I have company coming, I give it a thorough cleaning. My only solution to Millie on the keyboard is to find a new work space- the other cats do not seem as obsessed with it.

Don’t forget to watch Marc Maron on IFC tonight at 10. I am so pleased he is showing more cats this season, although not the best stories. One week, his went missing and hasn’t been found and last week his idiot friend tried to abandon his elderly cat with Marc.

Happy Box Day everyone!



  1. Millie is such a beautiful boy! Believe me, our cats have their fair share of behavioral issues too! šŸ™‚

    1. Thank you- good thing all cats are adorable, they can get away with being naughty.

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