We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww….Mondays

More photos of kitties opening gifts:

Drake got a catnip banana.
Emmy got a stuffed toy.
Rosie got some squeezies.

And Rosie is learning a boat takes a lot of maintenance. Her Dad already had to fix it and tape parts of it.

I told her she should visit Carol and Greg’s Blog about boating. I had no idea how much work was involved living on a boat. They got rid of most of their belongings and are living the boating life they dreamed of.


  1. My present was all of my brothers! Some have slipped away again. But I’ll see them before long. Drake…don’t you love your nip nanner? Rosie..I know about those boats! How fortunate to have your helper Dad there to fix things for you.

  2. Awww, so cute.

    Living on a boat is a challenge at first and less is more. We’ve done two weeks and have done fine. I don’t want to live on a boat all the time though…unless it’s a very big boat.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Ellen. Big hug to you and scritches to all the kitties. ♥

  3. I’m glad you sweeties had a good time! If we didn’t have kitties we’d probably be living on a boat too. Oh, our kitties would go but we won’t leave our ferals.

  4. Drake an Emmy grate giftiess!
    An Rosie you gotted grate giftiess two…
    Wee think you mite need to follow Miss carol an Mistur Greg two~~hey know LOTSS ”bout boatss 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

  5. Charlee: “Hey not to scare you about your boat but we have heard our Dada say ‘A boat is a hole in the water that you pour money into’.”
    Chaplin: “We’re not sure what part of that sounds scarier, the water part or the pouring money into part.”
    Charlee: “I’m sure. It’s the water part.”

  6. Belated Merry Christmas wishes to you and yours and all the felines too. Happy New Year and grateful for the friendship here. I always love your sweet photos. Makes me smile. Take care HUGS AND LOVE AND PRAYERS

  7. Sweet kitty photos at Xmas ~ Now the fun begins ~ boat maintenance ~ it is neverending ~ Xo

    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  8. I checked out the link to the boater’s blog… interesting! It looks like the Meowing Crew had a very nice Christmas… now let’s have a really good New Year. Can’t we make that happen, please.

    1. Thank you for checking it out. I agree it is interesting. We wish you a good new year filled with happiness. XO

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