Wordless Wednesday

Hi everyone! Welcome to another edition of Who Wore it Best? with Rusty and Rudy.





And we are up to the letter P in The A-Z Blogging Challenge. P is for photos which is another one of those things that bring me joy and I have no plans to declutter any of at this time. P could also be for pet stuff, but I wouldn’t dare declutter any of their things. The only things I ever get rid of are broken toys that could be a danger to them. Do you ever get rid of photos or pet things?



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  1. Rusty and Rudy make cute lions…but I have to say that I think Rusty wore it best…though Rudy did good job, too:)

    I to have great reluctance to cull the thousands of pictures I have…though if I had a gazillion hours to spare (like when will *that* be?), I might get rid of doubles or true failures. I have most of the pictures my dad took in the last 10 or 15 years of his life…and tons of others from his collection. They are like an inheritance to me, somehow.

  2. I think Rusty and Rudy have a tie this week, both look so cute! I rarely throw out old photos, especially of cats. But recently I had to delete some bad and/or duplicate shots from my phone or I wouldn’t have been able to keep taking pics. I also keep old cat stuff unless it’s just too damaged. XO

  3. They both wear it well. I never get rid of photos. They are irreplaceable.

  4. Well I think it’s a tie – they both look a little upset at having to wear the lampshade! Tee Hee I have a hard time cleaning out Teddy’s toy box because I always wonder if he will be looking for that old toy one day and not find it then I’ll feel bad I tossed it!

    Hugs, Pam

  5. With this new digital age of photos, I have a hard time even getting rid of pictures that I know turned out bad. Way back when we had real cameras and paper pictures you had to wait so long to get the results that I also had a hard time throwing away the bad pictures.

  6. I try to give away her toys she doesn’t use for a long time to another kitty or kitties.
    I have 13000 pictures on my hard drive for pete sake. now they’re not all Katie πŸ™‚ but I try going through t winnow them out–and more show up!

  7. They both wear it well, but Rudy looks like he does not want to wear it at all πŸ˜‰
    Mum gets rid of pictures that are duplicates.
    Purrs, Julie

  8. Rusty wore it best. I hate to take sides with your precious kitties, but this time I will.

    We only tossed broken things of Angel Little Bit. For the same reason too.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday, Ellen. Scritches to all the kitties. xo β™₯

  9. That’s a tie, they both make great lions.

    Photos, i get rid of them when i have way too many of the same subject. You only need just so many reminders of a beautiful sunset, one or two not a dozen.

    1. Thank you. I agree about sunsets and things, but I feel bad getting rid of ones of pets or people. XO

  10. NO mama never throws out my old toys but I do have a new nip snake and frankly, I could care less. I stick with the Ellen-nipholder and my ‘nanas. Basta….

  11. Rusty by a fur! Hee seemss more cozy with collar on than Rudy……Rudy iss purrty cute tho’!
    An BellaSita has 3 organized foto albumss an speshell fotoss inn frmess or inn magnetick holderss on fridge.
    Pet toyss or foodabullss mee not play with or eat got to Aunty Sheila or Aunty Ellen…..iss OKay ’cause mee allwayss getss new toyss πŸ˜‰
    ***paw kissess*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

  12. They both look fabulous as a flower, so two number ones for us😺 We can’t get rid of any picture, not even the failed ones…MOL…πŸΎπŸ˜½πŸ’ž

  13. They are both adorable! I’m trying to think of something that starts with P and nothing is coming to mind. I have photos scattered all over and really need to do some organizing. On that note, it’s decluttering, right? lol Best wishes, my dear.

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