The A-Z Challenge-E

Hi everyone! I think I have the photo problem solved ( please go back to see the rest of our Catburry bunny auditions yesterday).

Today is letter E day for The A-Z Blogging Challenge. 

 Emmy is checking out today’s selection.

Entertaining Your Indoor Cat: 50 Fun and Inventive Amusements for Your Indoor Cat by Kevin Kelly has a few good ideas. It was written in 2008, before you could get hundreds of ideas on Pinterest. I did like the idea of putting toys on a lazy Susan and spinning it around.

We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww….Mondays and Mewsic Moves Me hosted byCurious as a Cathy,Xmas Dolly, JAmerican Spice and Stacy Uncorked.The theme for Mewsic Monday is songs about walking and this month’s honorary co-host is our friend, Binky. This week’s theme is our choice so I chose bands/musicians that start with the letter E.

  1. Eagles-Hotel California- My hubby always calls our home the Hotel California for cats even though we don’t live in California.


2. Eric Clapton- Bell Bottom Blues





    1. Agreed!

      And thanks for your kind comment, my dear. In ironic twist, this garden center didn’t stock seeds this year. The employee (while maintaining a safe distance weeks ago), explained that too many packets went to waste. What bad timing, as now my husband announced there are seed shortages (!) in these strange times. Hang in there and stay safe!

  1. Wow, that would have been a great book for us back in the day:)

  2. I think Emmy would be a pretty good judge of good book material. You can’t go wrong with the Eagles!

  3. That sounds like a fun idea with the lazy susan. Always looking for ways to keep mine happy.

  4. This fun book is such a perfect one to share during this time of quarantine! And fantastic tunes! I’ll probably have Hotel California stuck in my head all day now, but that’s not a problem. Purrs!

  5. Ohhh I really like the Eagles…Hotel CA and The Girl from Yesterday especially
    Thank goodness your technical difficulties were solved…love the post
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. I also love Hotel California. it always reminds of Summer 🙂
    Have a great week!

  7. Awww and I love all the videos. I’ve not heard Hotel California in a long time. It’s stuck in my head now.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Ellen. Scritches to all the kitties. ♥

  8. I think Emmy likes the selections LOL

    I am a big fan of the Eagles 😉

    Have a singalongtasticly safe Monday 🙂

  9. MOL…Hotel California must be a good hotel, just as good as the song. Great choice, miss Ellen😸More Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Monday. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏🐾😽💞

  10. Have you ever tried one of those DVD’s that are intended to entertain your cat? In case you were thinking about it, don’t bother. Most of mine sat for a minute and watched before wandering off, the others were oblivious to it.

    Good choices for songs!

    1. I used to have vhs tapes, but they prefer the real ones at the bird feeder 🙂

  11. Great powerful GREATS! Great Choices too! I think I cannot choose which one is the best because they are both FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for sharing & Be Safe, Be Healthy, but most of all “BE”!!! Stay Home! Stay Healthy!

  12. That sounds like a great book, especially for now! I enjoy The Eagles too.

  13. The book probably still has some great ideas, but as you noted, they are now online. Makes it hard for authors, doesn’t it.

    Thanks for the music, and i’m going to go look for those Catburry pics.

  14. I love Eric Clapton! And can always use a book that helps entertain cats!

  15. those were the days ~ great music ^_^ ~ fond memories ~ thanks for your visit and comments ^_^

    Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

    PS ~ Zoe ‘on the mend’ gratefully ^_^

  16. I could have used that book for Sam, she was so hard to entertain! She just didn’t get excited about many toys.

  17. I should gather up ideas for our cats, mostly the young one. She has a lot of energy to burn and gets bored easily!

  18. Maybe we all trapped now in the Hotel California? I love that song so much. Maybe we could use some of the ideas for the indoor cat during our own quarantines.

  19. Thank you for the 50 Amewsements for Cats! I was born in ’08 & my Hooman gotcha’d me a little later so she thanks you too. I need more amewsment to keep my weight down she says. Hotel Catlifornia for Kitties! Bogey & Caro

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