The A-Z Blogging Challenge-X

Hi everyone! We are up to the letter X inThe A-Z Blogging Challenge. Back in 2016, I wrote about Xander de’Hunter, a seal point Siamese, the main character in The Sea Purrtector Files.  I think of him as a James Bond of cats, he even has a fancy gadget collar. He is part of Catamondo’s Worldwide Communication Network which is to protect cats everywhere. There are 3 books in the series, The Red Claw is the first one. You can hear, Purrseidon the cat read several chapters of it on youtube- she is the cutest. Click here. 

For this year, I made an error. I wrote about The Cat’s Guide to Human Behavior as told to Xina Marie Uhl . I saw the U in her name and got confused.  So today, I am writing about my choice for U, The Ultimate Guide to Cats is a comprehensive book of cat breeds and descriptions of each. I think it looks like Summer on the cover, but the book was published in 2009, way before she was born.

We are joining Comedy Plus’ Happy Tuesday Blog Hop and The Quilting Patch’s A-Z linky.



  1. It does look a bit like Summer. A great book to learn about cats.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥

  2. Hate to say it, but there is no ultimate guide to cats…they don’t really follow any rules, ya know?!?

  3. It would be good to know about all the cat breeds. Sounds like a good book.

  4. You’re almost there, Ellen, my compliments on your challenge so far 😸Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏🐾😽💞

  5. We need a good guidebook for cats – they operate on their own set of rules and regs and sometimes they’re hard to figure out without a guidebook! I think they LIKE it like that though!!!!

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy)

  6. You are right – the cat on the cover is a Somali! But an older one, obviously. In fact, my human could tell its an older photo just by looking at the cat, since breed standards are a bit different now!

  7. I always wanted to have a purebred cat, but all I ever ended up with was mutts. Gotta love those mutts though! Do they call them mutts when it’s cats, or is that just dogs? What do they call mixed breed cats? 🙂

  8. I had not idea there were as many cat books as you’ve reviewed! Summer looks very comfortable with her book in this photo. Take care! xoxo

  9. That would be a fun book to look at, i wonder how many breeds there are.

  10. That kitty does look like Summer!

    I love looking at books about cat breeds and have several. (And dogs, too…)

  11. would love to read the Ultimate Guide to cats-especially if there are a lot of photos!

  12. Maybe it’s Sparkle. TW used to have a couple of Ultimate Cat book types but they were from before 2009. One was real nice but she had a fight with the person who gave it to her so it didn’t come with us to the condo.

    1. That is too bad she didn’t keep it, but I understand why she got rid of it. XO

  13. I love filling my bookshelves with these kinds of books. Thank you for sharing all of these feline reads with us!

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