Wordless Wednesday

Hi everyone! Today is day U of the A-Z Blogging Challenge. U is for used, I purchase used items for my cats at tag sales and on Craigslist. I have gotten like new cat trees from both.

Joanie is out of space for all her costumes. I guess we need a bigger box.

I am trying something new. Every week Messymimi lists words for us to make a story with for Words on Wednesday. There were 2 sets of words and I chose: hall, conscious, ad hoc, sign, yarn and share.

Her husband was busy working in the garden which was a big distraction. He was not conscious of what his wife was doing. They rarely discussed anything except for the occasional ad hoc meeting. Now she had grown close to this new guy in such a short time.
She lived for their stolen moments together in the afternoon. Sometimes he got out of bed for a snack like a typical guy. She was a little annoyed that he cut into their special time with food, but at least they were together and he was always willing to share.
The guilt was starting to get to her though. Her husband didn’t sign up for this behavior, he deserved the truth. He was a nice guy despite his obsession with gardening, there were a lot worse things to be obsessed about. They had been married 26 years and this was not the first time she had strayed. Each time was the same, she would meet a lonely soul walking down the street , their eyes would meet and she was hooked.
Even her pet cats were suspicious. One night, she had changed into her pajamas leaving her clothes on the bed. Sammy peed on them. Could he smell him?
Her husband was a forgiving man and after his initial anger passed, their relationship would remain intact. Deep inside he knew she would never change and had accepted it. For a while she would be content with her yarn, making crocheted creations and then she would get into trouble once again. For now, she would come clean. He would be coming in from the garden soon. She headed down the hall to tell him she had taken in another stray cat.

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