Are You a Good Mouser?

Hi everyone! I know there are a lot of good mouse hunters out there so I thought I would tell you about a contest that VictorPest is having, there are 3 prizes and the top one is $500- think of all the catnip you could buy with that. All you need to do is submit a 15-20 second video of your cat mouse hunting , entries are open until September 15th. Click here to go to the entry form. This is our entry:

Tomorrow we are joining a September Challenge with a question a day about our teen years, it sounds like fun. Here is the link if you want to check it out.

Don’t forget that Winnie’s Wish still has an auction running with all kinds of great items.


ROAR For Winnie’s Wish

Happy Wednesday everyone! My ROAR for this week is a reminder that there are still lots of items you can bid on to help support the Winnie’s Wish Auction.

I donated 5 items and so far 3 of them have bids. These 2 stuffed Rudolph collectibles are still only $5032 033

Winnies Wish Auction Announcement

Click here to see lots more items:


Phoebe will see you tomorrow.

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