Veteran’s Day

Happy Tuesday everyone and for U.S. residents Happy Veteran’s Day. I have great respect for those that protect our freedom and our lives. I am proud to say my dad was in the Air Force: LucyveteransLuckily, it was during peace time. Lucy was the only kitty we have that met my father as we got her in April 2001 and he passed away that June.

Today is medical day and I learned a good trick at the vet that I want to share with you. Do you have a cat that purrs when the vet is trying to listen to the heartbeat? Apparently turning on the water faucet in the exam room will distract most cats. If that doesn’t work, there is the alcohol on a cotton ball trick. You hold it near their nose ( not too close) and that distracts them as well. I just learned this recently which is surprising when you figure how many times I have been to the vet’s office.

I have noticed many bloggers showing adoptable pets on Tuesdays and I finally remembered to do it. I went to Petfinder and looked up cats named Raymond, which was my Dad’s name. There were several young ones which will have no problem being adopted, but this cutie in Washington State is older and needs a home:  We are joining in the opt to adopt hopTuesday's Tails Badge: