Trick or Treat is a Trick for Some and a Treat for Others

Happy Saturday everyone! Today is product day and being that Halloween is on the way, I thought the Trick or Treat cat toy would be appropriate. I actually bought mine months ago and finally got hubby to hang it for me.

I was hoping it would be a great new toy to dispense treats like a wobbly egg and ball we have. I was wrong . I wish I would have read the reviews on the Foster and Smith website before I ordered it. Some of the kitties have played with it, but when they hit the ball, all the treats come out at once which is great for them, but not what I had in mind.

If you think your cat may like it, here is the link:

I am also having a giveaway for Breast Cancer awareness month. I never got to meet my hubby’s mother because she passed away from this disease when he was in college. A couple months back, I went to the Vera Bradley Outlets and got this great purse that has pink in it and the proceeds go to Breast Cancer research. I also made a catnip mat with pink kitties for the winner’s cat(s). 005Just leave a comment today or tomorrow and I will announce the winner Monday morning.

Marshwood Cottage won a mat from us and those cats loved it- check out her post from yesterday : Angus even picked it up in his mouth and took off with it.

blog7blog9Phoebe will be writing tomorrow’s post- unless one of the other kitties figures out her scheme to earn a dollar. One year Phoebe was Little Red Riding Hood and Joanie was the Wolf as Grannie. Have a nice day everyone!