The Timeless Teachings of Guru Zuzu

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*Disclaimer- I received a copy of The Timeless Teachings of Guru Zuzu As Told To Tony Broadbent  in exchange for a fair review. All opinions are my own.

The Timeless Teachings of Guru Zuzu As Told To Tony Broadbent is a sweet tribute to the author’s Bombay cat, Zuzu. She was named after Zuzu in It’s A Wonderful Life because in the film, her rose petals were a reminder of the sanctity of life. She taught him so much over the years that he eventually called her The Blessed Guru Zuzu. She has gone to The Rainbow Bridge, but her wisdom lives on in these pages.

It is a very short read, with a quote on one page and an adorable drawing to go with it on the opposite page. The author illustrated many of the pages himself. One in particular that I enjoyed was ” Always remember, never lose your sense of humor. Life’s Far Too Short.” The illustration is of Zuzu with a red clown nose on her.

I highly recommend this book for all cat lovers. Father’s Day is coming up and it would be a great gift for all the cat daddies out there. It is available on Amazon, click here.