Phoebe Thursday

Hi everyone! I am getting pretty sick of the Brody show so today is all about me.

Thank you for purring and praying for my Grammie. I haven’t seen her all week, she has sinusitis and newmonia and syattica. I love her so very much and want her to get well soon. Mom wanted her to stay with us for a few days, but she won’t- phooey! At least she finally went to the Dr. for some medicine.

It is bikini season again. Please tell me what idea you like best.

  1. I can send my original bikini on more travels for anyone else that wants to try it.

Phoebe's Traveling Bikini (1)

2. I send out this new bikini for anyone who wants to test it out.

DSCF1470 (2)

3. Instead of a bikini, I  can send out traveling shades for all to try.


So please tell me, is anyone interested in any of the above?

Do you all read Speedy’s Blog? Our ceramic bunny was picked for Disapproving Bun Day yesterday.

Mom asked me to post the friendly fill-ins for tomorrow, she came up with the first 2 and McGuffy’s Reader came up with the second 2.

1. The best money I ever spent was ___________________________, and the worst was___________________________.

2. My most memorable vacation was with __________________________  at ______________________________________.

3. It                    when                      .

4.Once, I                         .


Selfie Sunday: The Tocktober Edition-Part 2

Happy Selfie Sunday everyone! We have really made a dent in those treats Grammie brought us. She watched us on Friday so we had lots. I love my Grammie so very much.

As most of you know, October is breast cancer awareness month so we are having a pink giveaway. 010There is a catnip mat, socks and some pink toys. Just comment today through Wednesday ( you can comment every day for more chances). And please remember that breast cancer can strike kitties too- especially those that are not spayed or get spayed later in life. I am worried because I was not spayed until I was one.

Now for some tocks: 005Millie 009Jinx 012Spooky 004Sammy eyeballKaTwoKaTwo  ( pardon the eyeball, Mom thinks she is funny)


PS: My bikini has been located

Now, it is headed to Miss Mudpie- good thing she has fur because it is a little past bikini weather in the North East.

PSS: Mom is going to a cat show today and she is going to see some bloggers- she will write about it tomorrow.


Phoebe’s Missing Bikini

Hi everyone. More sad news this week, Grayce of Katnip Lounge went to the bridge. You can visit her very sad family :  Grayce, Forever

002Mom found this great Halloween card at Walgreens, she is going to frame it. The star of this card can be found here:

Mom started some new grass for me after killing it for the millionth third time. I am going to take bets on how long this one will last. Whoever guesses correctly will win some catnip toys.If more than one of you guesses the same, then the first one that answered wins. I am hoping that by shaming Mom, she will learn a lesson and keep it watered. 004I will show you how the grass is doing on Sunday ( if she hasn’t already done it in).

My Grammie came over yesterday and brought us treats, she is so sweet. I love my Grammie so very much. She is coming today too to see Flat Charles one more time before he leaves to go home.

My bikini is still missing. Please contact me if you have any ideas as to where it is. All tips will be investigated and your identity will remain private.


Saturday Hops

It is Saturday so time to get hopping. First off, Rascal and Rocco’s Pet Parade is celebrating their 100th parade-that is a lot of parades and we are proud to join them.


I am using one photo for both Athena’s Caturday Blog Hop and The Lazy Pit Bull’s 52 Snapshots of Life ( this week’s them is “Summer” ).

Phoebe's Traveling Bikini (1)

Thank you again to Ann of Zoolatry( )

who designed this badge of Phoebe in her bikini. Nothing says summer like a kitty in a bikini. That bikini is in Florida right now and has already been to Canada.  Caturday Art52 Snapshots of LifePhoebe will see you tomorrow for a Sharkie Selfies and a shark themed giveaway.


Giveaway and Bikini Update

Happy Thursday Everyone! I have a lot to tell you today. 012My sweet purrince is going to be one next month. I am putting together a nice package to send him to let him know how loved he is.

My Grammie was here every day this week, I love her so very much. Look what she got for me all of us:010She watched us so Mom could bring Dad to the Dr. and for an x-ray. He hurt his ribs when he was rototilling. The good news is he didn’t break them, but  he did get pneumonia from not taking deep enough breaths.Please pray and purr for my Dad, I love him very much.  I hope he is better for Father’s Day, all us kitties got him a nice present- I am sure Prancie will take all the credit though- Phooey!

Remember my bikini? Phoebe's Traveling Bikini (1)The Critters in the Cottage all gave it a try, you can see their post : . Every one of them looks adorable.The bikini is now on its way to The Florida Furkids. If you want a turn, just comment on their post when they wear it and you can be added to the list.

I am doing a mini giveaway, I wanted Mom to make a catnip mat, but she was busy so instead I am giving away 3 catnip fish and a book, Solomon’s Tale. Mom read it a while ago ( ). It made her cry so she doesn’t want it, but maybe someone would like to read it. I am also going to give away some of our seeds to grow your own special white and green grass mix. This is where she got the seeds: 013Joanie is modeling the prizes because I was busy checking on Dad.

See you Sunday !

Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone! I was just doing some sit-ups. That post 2 days ago about Fat Cats scared me, I don’t want to have to go on a diet. My Grammie was here yesterday so we had lots of snacks. I love my Grammie so very much. 004

Mom was the first guesser on Sammy’s blog ( )  , she was very happy to get a badge:teaserbadge2015-4

Now she needs to figure out how to get the badge on her sidebar- if anyone uses wordpress and can help, please let us know. I need to get my bikini badge up too.

Phoebe's Traveling Bikini (1)

My bikini is going to get shipped out today ( or tomorrow-Mom can be slow). The first kitty to get it is going to be: Critters in the Cottage ( ) . They will get a list of whom to send it to next. They can also add more names and addresses to the list if some of their readers want to try it too. This is going to be lots of fun! Don’t worry, you will get a turn if you wrote that you wanted one. And once you post a photo, you can have the badge on your blog too.

I am hopping with Pepi Smart Dog’s Thankful Thursday. I am thankful my family( especially my Grammie),  my handsome purrince, my beauty and all of you.

Thankful-Thursday-Wekly-Blog-Hop-Banner21-300x300See you Sunday!


Happy Monday everyone ! Today is fun and games day and our fun with the boxes continues. My hubby recently ordered some mulberry trees and they came in these nice long boxes that make great tunnels.003and as Joanie is demonstrating with her lazer eyes, they are fun to sit on too.

Phoebe is very pleased that she has lots of kitties to send the bikini to , she is still collecting names. She is also going to come up with a badge for those that just want to try it the photoshopped way too. Thursday Phoebe will announce where the bikini is headed off to. Phoebe's Traveling Bikini (1)

We have a guest post tomorrow and I am doing a little giveaway to go with the theme of the post- helping cats lose weight.