Stud Tail

Hi everyone! Poor Penny is going to be mad that I bumped her post for today. I want to tell you about Polar Bear’s recent issue. The poor guy already has feline herpes and a hyperactive thyroid.

When I adopted him 10 and a half years ago, he was not neutered. I was cat sitting in a not great neighborhood and I spotted him . I fed him and he kept waiting for me every day.  Being that he was fully grown and not fixed, I figured he was a stray so I took him- he did not object. I immediately brought him for FELV/FIV testing and to get neutered. His tail had what looked like black oil on it. I was told that happens to boys that are not fixed and it would clear up. It did after a while- and his male odor went away after a few smelly weeks.

Well now, all these years later, the oil is back.

It almost looks like flea dirt and there is one spot with what looks like a zit. The vet was confused and was going to research it, but I haven’t heard back ( in 2 weeks). I ended up doing my own research and found out it is called stud tail and it can happen to any cat even though it is more prevalent in unneutered males. Just as excess oil clogs pores in humans, it does the same in cats. Fortunately, he had an antibiotic shot for his herpes symptoms so that also helped this issue and it is clearing up. I also bought some wipes to keep it clean.

Here is a link to a more in-depth article click here

Has anyone ever had a cat with this issue?

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