Trouble in Paradise

Hi everyone! I thought I would give you a Brody ( aka Daryl the Feral) update and ask for advice, tips or whatever you have to offer.

We were doing so well—–when he was caged because of his stitches. I was able to pet him and everything. He did meow a lot at night, but that was bearable. After he got his stitches removed, I moved him to the upstairs bathroom so he would have a safe zone. I left the door open when I was around to supervise and he did come downstairs—to meow and meow. At night, I shut him in and the next morning I opened the door to find that he moved a board out of the way to hide in a cubby hole in the bathroom.

DSCF0934  And this is where he always is. He comes out to eat/drink  and use the litter box which are in the bathroom. He had been  sneaking down late at night and one night he even settled on the kitty bunk bed for a while. Then I ruined everything because I am impatient and wanted to be able to pet him again. When he was downstairs, I snuck upstairs and blocked off his hidey hole. I followed him up to the bathroom with the hope of petting him and he freaked out, he didn’t try to hurt me, but he sure can scurry.

The rest of the night, he wouldn’t go toward the bathroom and I felt awful for ruining his safe place. Finally after a few hours , he decided to try it again and got back in his cubby hole. Now he won’t venture downstairs. He likes to stand at the top of the steps all evening and meow and meow. Snowball and Phoebe have gone up to investigate, but he runs back to the hole.

He is such a sweet boy and doesn’t slash out or bite. He is just so afraid of humans and other kitties. I have given him several toys and he has no interest in them. I don’t know what else to do to make him feel safe  Has anyone else dealt with a cat like this?

On Petfinder, I have seen many cats listed as “spirit” cats. I have a feeling that is what Brody is going to be- a noisy spirit. I wonder if there is a kitty anxiety medicine that would help? My kitties are very friendly and would be good to him if he would give them a chance. I welcome any ideas to help him.

No matter what, I am not giving up on him. I am just looking for ideas. Thank you.