Selfie Sunday with Phoebe Again

Happy Sunday everyone! It is Phoebe here again. We are supposed to take turns writing on Sunday, but Grammie paid me a dollar for last week’s post and I like making money. Plus I like everyone telling me how pretty I am, I know I am, but it is nice to hear. So I told my brothers and sisters how hard it is to write this so I will keep doing it for them ( shhh! don’t tell them).

Here is my selfie: 001 I am taking part in the Selfie Sunday Blog Hop hosted by:Cat4

My Dad calls me Phoebe the Fibber because I fib sometimes. I always get Dad to give me a snack around 3 PM , but sometimes he is out in the garden so Mom gives me a snack. When Dad comes in , I fib and tell him I haven’t had a snack yet so he gives me another one. It is OK to fib if food is involved, right? And dollars?


Here is one of my past Halloween costumes: blog1I was a flapper-pretty cute, huh? Mom just glued some feathers to a seguined headband and we borrowed the bottom of her niece’s dance costume for the fringe part.

I guess that is all for this week- I love you Grammie-very, very much ( she reads the blog ever day). And thanks to everyone who came to Joanie and Sammy’s party- they loved seeing everyone and having so many friends help celebrate. I’ll be back next Sunday ( I hope).