Happy Friday everyone! Lucy doesn’t have a book to recommend this week, but she is thrilled because my article for this month’s Daily News is about her. I write a column about Life With 15 Cats and she was my second official kitty so it was her turn this month. Here is the link: .

It has been very cold lately so Lucy rarely leaves the heated throw for fear that another kitty will take it over: 002

The other day I came across The Story of a Street Cat Named Sabrina by Sheryl Lee. It was free on Amazon that day, but it is currently $2.99. This got my attention because I had a cat named Sabrina who passed away in 2012 ( of old age) : brina1

This was a short read of 39 pages that is based on the writer’s cat. She found her cat, Sabrina on the streets of Egypt as a kitten in very bad shape. She was thin, dirty and full of fleas and worms. I don’t like sad stories, but I am glad this had a happy ending for her kitty. It does break my heart to know that there are so many street cats in Egypt and no programs that are helping to TNR. A lot of people feed these cats which is kind of them, but I don’t know why no one can get a program started to get them fixed. Here is a link to the book:

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