Silvervine Powder costs a lot of Gold

Happy Monday Everyone! Today is product day and I am still on a silvervine kick. A couple weeks ago I purchased the catnip/silvervine mix which the cats enjoyed. Then someone filled me in on the comments, that Nip and Bones has the pure stuff. A small package is $7.95 plus shipping. I was going to make my kitties wait ’til Christmas….

Luckily the kitties have a fantastic Grammie so she ordered some up for Joanie and Sammy’s brithday gift. The good news is it is very potent and ALL 15 cats love it !The bad news is when I poured the package into an empty spice jar this is how much there was: 016012.I feel bad that their Grammie¬†didn’t get much for her money, but she did make her grandkitties happy. A couple months ago, I bought about this much cardamon at Whole Foods and they gave it to me for free because it was such a small amount.

Here is another one of Lucy’s past costumes from the year Princess Beatrice wore a hat like this to the¬†Royal wedding:blog8.

Sammy wants to thank all his friends at Scouts, he thought he was going to celebrate October Birthdays and they included him too because he wasn’t in Scouts when they had the September party. Look at this neat photo of them by the camp fire: sammypartyWhat a sweet bunch of kitties.