Phoebe’s Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone! I haven’t seen Grammie in a few days, but I am going to see her today. I love her so very much.

Mom and Dad have been playing cribbage. I forgot how much fun it is. I give mom a bitey every time she goes to move her pegs. I don’t bite Dad though- MOL!

003006I always get the same cards-Jokers.

You can hear me purr in this video, I am so happy.

I was so happy until I saw this: 002The stupid vet office sent a card to remind Mom that I need a rabies shot- phooey! Any ideas of where I can hide this?

I love my purrince! It is almost the one year anniversary of our first date and when we fell in love. I can’t believe this time last  year I was hoping for a Valentine’s date. I am so thankful for him. I am joining PepiSmartDog’s Thankful Thursday Hop, pet centric



Phoebe’s Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone. 010As you know, it has been a sad week. I did see Grammie though, she watched us while Mom and Dad delivered Stinky to the vet for cremation. I don’t understand why Stinky isn’t here anymore and I kept looking for her. I love my Grammie very much and I am glad she was here and I will see her today too.

We have gotten some more beautiful graphics in memory of Stinky. We are very thankful for all your love and support.

Thank you Pipo and Minko


and Peaches and Paprika

stinky heavens email siz

and last, but not least my sweet and thoughtful  Purrince

Our Stinky Girl

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop,, pet centric

I am going to have a giveaway on Sunday so make sure you visit. And we want to give a shout out to Timmy the Tomcat for outbidding Mom on that auction she posted yesterday- that is a very good thing in this case. Thank you!

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! My Dad says thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes yesterday. He had a nice day at home, he didn’t want to go out to dinner so Mom made him one of his favorite meals. And Grammie came over and they had cake.


I love my Grammie so very much and I didn’t get to see her on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday so I was very happy she visited for Dad’s birthday. We didn’t get any cake though- phoooey! We did get lots of party mix though.

Mom helped Sammy with his Cardwood Derby project today too. It isn’t a car, but it is something that travels so hopefully he won’t get disqualified. Those Cat Scouts sure keep busy.

Do you like my photo today? I thought I would show off my soft tummy furs.

I am joining PepiSmart Dog’s Thankful Thursday Hop. I am thankful that my Mom and Dad are around most of the time to cater to our every whim. And when they can’t be with us, we have Grammie.  Thankful Thursday Blog Hop,, pet centric

A Grumpy Cat Giveaway

Happy Thursday everyone! I am going to tell you more about our Christmas and then I will tell you about my latest giveaway.

003In addition to all the individual gifts and the fun cat box with holes in it, Peaches and Paprika’s Mom gave us this pretty reindeer blanket. I am displaying it over our bunk beds, I am on the top bunk and the bottom bunk is hidden for a great hideaway.

005Look what else Grammie gave me! I love her so very much! And she is cat sitting us tonight so we are going to get lots of party mix. Notice that is not George Washington on that bill. I am rich, don’t worry, I won’t let it go to my head.

010Mom bought a clear plastic ball that opens to put a photo in so Lucy was on our tree.

Mom got a gift that wasn’t cat related, it is a talking Sheldon ornament.

One thing he says is “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested.” I think Grammie should have had Mom tested- MOL!

Now for that giveaway:

004 I have a small Grumpy Cat wall Calendar, a Grumpy Cat decal and some Grumpy Cat stickers. Comment for a chance to win, I will announce the winner on Sunday. You can comment every day for more chances to win.

I am joining PepiSmart Dog’s Thankful Thursday Hop because I am a lucky girl. I am thankful for my family ( especially my Grammie who I love so very much) and for my Purrince and for all my friends. I wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2016!!!

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop,, pet centric

Phoebe’s Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! 021I am sure you are wondering about this photo. My purrince wanted me to wear Prancie’s Goldilock’s wig and only because I love him so much, I agreed. The 3 bears were not available so I went with the 3 turkeys ( my apologies to the Trout Talkin Tabbies).

Mom is always saying she even misses cleaning Lucy’s pee off the bathroom floor and Dad says he misses having to watch where he walks. I thought I would make them feel better so I have been peeing over the edge of the litter box and they didn’t know who was doing it. Unfortunately Dad caught me in the act and he wasn’t too happy about it- phooey!

I did get to see my Grammie twice this week. I love her so very much. I am joining PepiSmartDog’s Thankful Thursday blog hop this week. I am thankful for my Grammie, my Mom and Dad, my siblings and my purrince. I am also thankful for all my friends that read my posts.

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop,, pet centric

Phoebe’s Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! Look what my Grammie brought us- I love her so very much ! I am very thankful to have such a wonderful Grammie.

006This is a 16 ounce bag- that is more than an ounce for each of us. I think I should get the extra 2 ounces being that I am the star of the blog and clearly very good at Math.

Remember my grass? This was then  006

and this is now: 008 Congratulations to The Lone Star Cats 

They guessed 13 days for the grass and that is it. We are going to send you some catnip toys.

And the winner of the black cat themed giveaway is McGuffy’s Reader -congratulations!

017Mom will mail out your prize today ( sorry, Spooky not included, but everything else is ) .

I will be having a pink themed giveaway for breast cancer awareness starting on Sunday. We have a pink mat and pink socks and pink toys too!


I helped Mom decorate, she made these bottles by adding fun stickers to antique bottles.


I kept feeling like I was being watched though.

Well, I have to go work on my Halloween costume now. Mom has really been slacking with those this year. See you Sunday. Thankful Thursday Blog Hop,, pet centric

Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone! I was just doing some sit-ups. That post 2 days ago about Fat Cats scared me, I don’t want to have to go on a diet. My Grammie was here yesterday so we had lots of snacks. I love my Grammie so very much. 004

Mom was the first guesser on Sammy’s blog ( )  , she was very happy to get a badge:teaserbadge2015-4

Now she needs to figure out how to get the badge on her sidebar- if anyone uses wordpress and can help, please let us know. I need to get my bikini badge up too.

Phoebe's Traveling Bikini (1)

My bikini is going to get shipped out today ( or tomorrow-Mom can be slow). The first kitty to get it is going to be: Critters in the Cottage ( ) . They will get a list of whom to send it to next. They can also add more names and addresses to the list if some of their readers want to try it too. This is going to be lots of fun! Don’t worry, you will get a turn if you wrote that you wanted one. And once you post a photo, you can have the badge on your blog too.

I am hopping with Pepi Smart Dog’s Thankful Thursday. I am thankful my family( especially my Grammie),  my handsome purrince, my beauty and all of you.

Thankful-Thursday-Wekly-Blog-Hop-Banner21-300x300See you Sunday!

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! And Happy Purim to our Jewish friends. You saw Lucy as Queen Esther on Saturday, but how do I look? 011

I have been busy lately so I decided to outsource some of my jobs. First off, Joanie gets to deal with Snowball:007 I don’t think she wants to though, she kept trying to push her away with her feet.

I have been studying up How to Become an Internet Celebrity:001I don’t know why I am not one yet, I am cute and fun.

I am excited that it is March because I know sometime this month Grammie is going to stay with us while Mom and Dad go to NYC. I just hope the weather is good or they won’t get to go and I really can’t wait to spend lots of time with my Grammie. I love her so very, very much plus she gives out lots of treats. I am very Thankful for my Grammie!, Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop, pet centric


Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! I have so much to tell you this week. First off, I got to see my Grammie twice this week. I love her so very much. She watched us while Mom and Dad went somewhere on Tuesday and I saw her yesterday when she came to get Mom for the movies.

Halloween 2013 034Joanie in her 50 Shades Halloween costume ( there are really 50 paint chips)

I am a little confused, they went to see Fifty Shades of Grey and when Mom was leaving, Dad said, “don’t get any weird ideas.” I guess he was afraid she was going to want to decorate with a bunch of shades of grey. I wish she would do some sprucing up, but I prefer pinks and blues. I do wish Dad would finally put up the wallpaper in the kitchen than Mom bought 3 years ago. 011

In other news, my sweet Purrince gave me an Emerald necklace as a symbol of his love and to match my pretty green eyes. I am so thankful that I found such a cutie that appreciates my beauty.Necklace fur sweet Phoebe frum Purrince Siddhartha

Make sure you visit me on Sunday, I am having a special giveaway to celebrate Dr. Seuss day on Monday. I figured we should go all out being that Dr. Seuss was born right here in Massachusetts. Here is a hint at part of the giveaway- Mom bought this today :010See you Sunday!!

We are hopping:


Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday everyone! I am very thankful for my Purrrince Siddhartha and that he is my very first Valentine. We are going to Summer’s party tomorrow. I am a little nervous about what to wear- please help.

004This is what Mom got me to wear, but I also have a nice scarf that brings out the green in my eyes:005or I could borrow one from Lucy’s extensive collection: 004007

By the way,those Grammie awards were just not right. They gave awards to men too- I didn’t know men could be Grammies? And they only gave them to people that sing, my Grammie doesn’t sing. That is not right, I love my Grammie very much and wanted her to get an award.

We are hopping:, Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop, pet centric