Opt to Adopt Franklin


Happy Tuesday everyone! As you know, I visited the Meow Parlour in NYC last week. They are connected to the Kitty Kind shelter where there are many, many cats awaiting adoption. There were 10 living in the Meow Parlour when we visited. They were all sweet and cute, but I fell in love with Franklin:031He even let me rub the belly. He had a rough start, but despite that, he loves everyone and everyone that meets him loves him. I don’t know why he is still there. I know I would have snatched him right up, but hubby was there to keep me under control. Here is his link:http://kittykind.org/detail/?id=1300

014Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This is Penny for Tortie Tuesday.


Fun in NYC

Happy Monday everyone! Today is fun and games day so I thought I would tell you about the fun my hubby and I had this past weekend. We were privileged to meet Michelle and her husband, Craig of My Three Moggies ( https://mythreemoggies.wordpress.com/) . My hubby and I had a great time talking with them and wished they lived closer. I hope we can meet again sometime.

054I wore my cat sweater so they could spot us 🙂 055They even brought us some cute tins to store cat treats in.

We had hoped to meet at the Meow Parlour ( NYC’s first and only cat cafe), but you need reservations well in advance and our schedules didn’t fit so we went Friday and Michelle was going Saturday.

The Meow Parlour is a wonderful idea to help get cats adopted. There were 10 adoptable cats living in the Meow Parlour which is a nice space that has been catified with wall shelves, hiding spots and pillows. Of course I fell in love with one of the residents, Franklin: 032031There is a folder with their stories and he was found on the street and x-rays showed he had been run over an had a shattered pelvis. He was such a lovebug and let me rub the belly. I wish I could adopt him, but with that sweet disposition, he will get snatched up in no time.

Here are some more photos:005 034021NY state law doesn’t allow food prep near animals so the cafe is in another building which is a short walk away. You simply purchase your stuff ahead of time and bring it in with you. They even had cat shaped cookies :011You don’t have to bring a snack with you, that is optional, you can just go spend time with the kitties.

We went at 3PM which must be nap time. There were only a few cats moving around and everyone was hogging them. I was a little frustrated knowing I have 15 cats at home that want my attention. If you need a cat fix, I recommend you check it out. I do want to warn you that it isn’t in a great spot, it is one street away from Canal St. I wish it was more midtown, but I am sure the rent would be too high. If you want to check out more about it , the link is: http://www.meowparlour.com/concept .

Tomorrow I will post some of the kitties available for adoption for the Opt to Adopt hop.


Happy Wednesday everyone! Phoebe told you that some time this month I am going to NYC. I am very excited that I will be meeting Michelle and her husband from My Three Moggies (  https://mythreemoggies.wordpress.com ) . I am also going to visit the Meow Parlour, New York City’s first cat cafe. They are connected with a shelter called Kitty Kind http://kittykind.org/adopt/ . I contacted Meow Parlour to find out if I can bring some crocheted toys for the kitties and they will gladly accept them for the cafe and the shelter. Here is what I have made so far: 022I plan to keep crocheting until I go so I have lots to donate. I also sewes up some kitty kickers. So today’s ROAR is for Kitty Kind. And don’t worry I will take lots of photos to share with everyone.

PS: Hope it doesn’t sound like I am showing off, we haven’t gone anywhere in 2 and a half years and that was just an overnight too. I never leave my kitties longer than one night and they have Grammie with them 24/7 when we are not home.

PSS: Please visit Phoebe tomorrow she is announcing her St. Patrick’s Day giveaway.