Tummy Tuesday

Happy Tummy Tuesday everyone! First, a medical update. Spooky is doing well taking his antibiotic for lyme disease. Unfortunately, it does give him diarrhea, but I think he can tough it out to get rid of that lyme. He is much perkier than he had been and does seem to move quicker. One day he jumped on my hubby’s lap and stuck his head in the potato chip bag in a botched attempt to get one. He also got to the top of the cellar steps before my hubby and hubby had a head start.

I was hoping he would walk better, but I guess he really does have arthritis. I have tried several treats and supplements with the glucosamine, but they all upset his tummy. I am glad he is showing some improvement and he has definitely put on some weight since being on the thyroid medicine. The next step is to get his dental, the vet wasn’t concerned about his high blood pressure because bp goes down when they are under. I just need to get my cheap frugal CHEAP husband to agree.

And now for those tummies: 021Joanie wanted to do a patriotic one for the 4th of July

And Phoebe is jealous about all the attention Joanie’s belly gets so she wants you to admire hers as well:003

See you tomorrow for our ROAR and we will tell you about the amazing prize we won- you may have already read about it on the blog we won it from.


Tummy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Joanie has promised us another tummy shot, but first a medical update.

Spooky had his blood test for lyme disease as well as his blood pressure checked. He has a prescription for blood pressure meds now because the vet felt it was high. Apparently, 160 is average for cats and they figure it can be 180 when stressed at the vets. His was 194, I am still not convinced he has high blood pressure, but it is a low dose of medicine (Enalapril) so I will have him try it. He gets more upset than any of the other cats when he has to go to the vet so I think his bp would have been extra high from stress.

He also tested positive for lyme disease, but apparently the test can’t tell if it is active or not ( information that would have been useful prior to testing). So I basically paid $100 for nothing, the vet should have just given him the antibiotic as a precaution. He hasn’t started either medicine yet because one drawback of the Wal-Mart pharmacy is that some meds are not on site. I will still go there because of the cost, but if this was an urgent matter, I would have bought the meds directly from the vet and paid more. In Spooky’s case, he has gone this long without, I figured a couple extra days would be OK.

And now for Joanie’s tummy:005and the added bonus of a stink eye from Snowball.

Another Tummy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is medical day so I will give you some updates. First off is Spooky, I finally got to talk to his vet and she told me that there is a blood test for lyme disease. He needs a recheck on his thyroid this Thursday so he will also get the lyme test then as well as his blood pressure checked( because of the protein in his urine).The dental got put on hold until these issues get resolved. He is doing really well and gives me a lot of trouble taking his pill.

Lucy ended up at the vet yesterday. She only peed in the morning Sunday, she usually goes twice a day, then she peed on the throw rug so I knew something was wrong. She also seems to be losing weight and has lost 10 ounces in only 2 months. I had a full senior blood panel done on her ( includes thyroid),I will get the results later today. I got her the antibiotic shot because I know it agrees with her. And I had them give her one dose of pain meds just in case she had any pain ( plus it makes her very happy ). I will keep you posted on everyone.

And here is the tummy shot you were promised. Joanie loves tummy rubs. 007

Can Cats Get Lyme Disease?

Happy Tuesday everyone. Today is medical day so I figured you would want a Spooky update.

When I took Spooky to the vet a couple of weeks ago, his blood work was fine, but I was told he had a lot of protein in his urine. At the time, it was the least of his problems, but now that he is eating and going to the bathroom normally I started researching it. One website got my attention because it says lyme disease can cause this: http://www.vetinfo.com/feline-proteinuria-causes.html . I immediately called the vet and was told there was no test for cats for lyme disease which I find odd being that a blood test is used for humans and dogs. I plan to call the vet tomorrow when the vet I am most familiar with is there to see if she will give Spooky an antibiotic for lyme disease to be on the safe side. Another symptom was a stiff walk with arched back which he has and we assumed was arthritis. Spooky spent most of his life outdoors until we adopted him in 2013. He belonged to the neighbors and visited daily, his previous family treated him with flea/tick preventative, but he always had ticks on him which makes me think he has lyme disease. We have had dogs with it in the past and my husband has had it 3 times so I know it is quite common around here. Spooky is getting his dental done next Thursday ( unless my cheap frugal husband stops me).

Here are some photos of Spooky back when he was just a friendly neighbor and a bit of a mooch:


I am curious to know if anyone else’s cat gas ever had lyme disease and if you know of a test for cats. Any information you have to share would be greatly appreciated.