Happy International Box Day!

Happy International Box Day everyone!!! We all loves boxes

005Lucy likes Chewy boxes that come with yummies in them.

Millie really get comfortable:


Kitty Christmas 2013 024Penny sometimes gets too excited and pees in them

003and Joanie likes all boxes

To see Prancie, Stinky and KaTwo in their boxes go to : http://tabbycatclub.blogspot.com/

And thank you to Ann of Zoolatry for the Box Day Graphic:International Box Day 2015 BADGE

Lucy and I love to read so we are joining a hop called I found out about it from Socratesbookreviews.com, but it is hosted at: http://www.fredasvoice.com/p/buttons.html . You pick a line on page 56 in the book you are reading. I read 5 books at a time so here is one: Just Kids from the Bronx by Arlene Alda. It is a collection of oral histories of people who grew up in the Bronx from the 1930’s-80’s. Page 56 is by George Shapiro, “We worked in the Catskills on the weekends and on holidays, at Grossinger’s and a place called the Flager Hotel.”

Thank you for the prayers for Phoebe’s Dad, he is on an antibiotic and improving- he even did some gardening yesterday. See you tomorrow for lots more hopping.